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Read Me

  RIMA, the Ruby Imap Mailbox Archiver 
What's RIMA? It's a little ruby script that I wrote, for archiving my 
mail messages. I use it in addition to my cron (or anacron) jobs to do 
the work monthly. 

Every month, this script connects to the mailbox, find the messages 
of past month, create a new folder in the mailbox and move the message 
to this folder, then close the connection. When I synchronize my email 
client, I receive all changes and got the mailbox clean! You can use 
this script for multiple mailboxes at once. 

- Unzip the file to your favourite directory 
- Permit the execution of the file RIMA.rb (if you want) 
  $> chmod +x RIMA.rb 

Basic Usage: 
- Step One Open Settings.yml with a simple text editor. 
  For each mailbox you want to archive, you have to edit name, server, 
user, password and ssl fields. You can add or wipe mailboxes definitions 
as you want, following the example.
(I don't have tested more than two mailboxes...) 
- Step Two 
  For interactive execution, just type 
  $> ruby RIMA.rb 
  or if you have "chmodded" it for execution 
  $> ./RIMA.rb 
  or add it to the cron (or anacron) records for scheduled execution. 
  You know how. 
- Step Three 
  There is not Step Three =) 
1) Please (please, please!) consider to make a backup of your entire 
mailbox before executing RIMA script. 
Even if I tested it, this Software can made the worst things with your 
precious messages. I will not be responsible for any loss or damage to 
your data. 
No claims. Never! Chuck Norris is my lawyer. So be responsible! 
2) The execution time is proportional to the number of messages in your 
3) Sometimes ssl to imap connections fails. in case, try with 
  ssl: false 
  instead of 
  ssl: true 
  in Settings.yml 

  Standard log messages and errors appears to the stdout. I will 
move it to stdout and stderr in the next version. 

  All improvements and/or suggestions are welcome. Maybe I 
will move this little projects to Sourceforge. 
For the moment, you can contribute by contacting me at

This Software is MIT Licensed (see the License.txt for license terms), 
but it is also a BeerWare! If you think it works and resolves some of 
your problems (mail related only!), you can pay me one beer by sending 
me 3Euros at my Paypal Account: