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Renaissance Core / News: Recent posts

RC becomes Realeyes

The RenaissanceCore project is not being actively supported. It was forked to the Realeyes project at http://realeyes.sourceforge.net/.

Posted by Jim Sansing 2008-12-02

RenaissanceCore in the News

There is an interview with Jim at BlueGNU that gives an overview of the project's current status and future goals.

Check it out at http://blue-gnu.biz/content/renaissancecore_ids_seeks_take_intrusion_detection_next_level

Posted by Jim Sansing 2007-09-21

RenaissanceCore IDS 0.9.0 released

The RenaissanceCore IDS team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.9.0. Screenshots and downloads can be found at:


The RenaissanceCore IDS consists of four components:

1) The stateful IDS sensor application uses the TCP protocol concept of a floating window to analyze full sessions in a stateful way and capture relevant data. Both halves of a TCP session are analyzed concurrently. The Hot IP feature allows all activity of a suspicious IP adddress to be captured. The total byte count of each session is reported for analysis statistics of the activity on a monitored network.... read more

Posted by Jim Sansing 2007-07-31