Handy transparent ICNS file

  • David Grayson
    David Grayson

    Hello. I was looking for a way to disable the sub-icons shown next to each of my operating systems in rEFInd (e.g. vol_internal.icns). I could not find an option to do it in the rEFInd configuration file, so the solution I came up with was to create a 32x32 transparent ICNS file and overwrite vol_internal.icns with it.

    In case anyone else wants to disable certain icons in rEFInd, I have posted the file here:


    The file was created with GIMP and the png2icns utility that comes with libicns. It was not trivial to create this file, so I would suggest that Rod Smith include this file with the next version of rEFInd. Hopefully it will be useful to others. Thanks!

    --David Grayson

    Last edit: David Grayson 2012-12-30
  • Jack

    It was possible to disable the icons (volume) on refit. But apparently it does not work on refind.

  • There was already a transparent.icns icon in rEFInd, added with the 0.6.1 version.