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zx81.fnt 2014-09-13 Piotr Fusik Piotr Fusik [abf065] [p] Interpret a subset of ZX81 Sinclair BASIC.

Read Me

RECOIL - Retro Computer Image Library

// This file is in AsciiDoc format. It is the source for README.html.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/recoil/files/recoil/3.2.0/[Download] |
http://sourceforge.net/p/recoil/code[Browse source code (Git)] |
http://sourceforge.net/projects/recoil/[SourceForge project page]

RECOIL is a viewer of pictures in native formats of
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amstrad_CPC[Amstrad CPC],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_II[Apple II],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_8-bit_family[Atari 8-bit],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_Portfolio[Atari Portfolio],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_ST[Atari ST],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_Falcon[Atari Falcon],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Micro[BBC Micro],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_16[Commodore 16],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_64[Commodore 64],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_128K[Macintosh 128K],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAM_Coupé[SAM Coupé],
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRS-80_Color_Computer[TRS-80 Color Computer],
and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX_Spectrum[ZX Spectrum] computers.

Currently the project includes:

- recoil2png - portable command-line converter to PNG files
- RECOILWin - viewer for Windows
- thumbnail provider for Windows Explorer (install with a *.MSI installer)
- Linux GNOME thumbnailer (install `recoil-2png` first, then `recoil-thumbnailer`)
- plugin for OS X Quick Look (to install: open `recoil-3.2.0-osx.dmg`, drag `RECOIL.qlgenerator` to `QuickLook`, then re-log or run `qlmanage -r`)
- plugin for http://www.xnview.com[XnView]
- (de)coder for http://www.imagemagick.org/[ImageMagick]
- plugin for http://www.nyam.pe.kr/[Imagine]
- plugin for http://www.getpaint.net/[Paint.NET]
- application for Android (also available in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sf.recoil[Google Play])
- http://recoil.sourceforge.net/html5recoil.html[HTML 5 based viewer]

RECOIL is also included in the "Formats" http://www.irfanview.com/[IrfanView] plugin.

image::thumbrecoil.png["Thumbnails in Windows Explorer"]
image::qlrecoil.png["OS X Quick Look"]
image::nautilus.png["Thumbnails in Nautilus"]
image::android.png["Android viewer"]

Supported file formats

Formats are listed below by origin computer family and filename extension.
Alternative extensions are comma-separated.

Some pictures are composed of multiple files - they must share their filename
and only differ by their extensions.
Such formats are listed here with the plus sign combining the extensions.
Some ports of RECOIL don't support multi-file pictures.

"2 frames" means the picture is composed of two quickly alternating frames so that
a human perceives more colors (for example black alternated with gray looks like dark gray).
On Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 this technique is commonly (but incorrectly)
referred to as "interlace". On ZX Spectrum it is called "gigascreen".
Likewise, "3 frames" means three different alternating pictures and more flickering.
RECOIL displays such pictures by averaging frames into a static image.

You can find some sample files in http://recoil.sourceforge.net/examples.zip[examples.zip].

ACBM:: "Amiga Continuous Bitmap".
HAM6:: "Hold-And-Modify 6", 4096 colors.
HAM8:: "Hold-And-Modify 8", 16777216 colors.
IFF, LBM:: "Interchange File Format" / "Interleaved Bitmap", compressed.
INFO:: Icon, 8 colors.

Amstrad CPC
FNT:: 8x8 font, mono.
HGB:: "HinterGrundBild", 512x256, mono.
SCR+PAL:: "Advanced OCP Art Studio".
WIN+PAL:: "Advanced OCP Art Studio", up to 160x200, 16 colors.

Apple II
DHR:: Double High Resolution, 560x192, mono.
HGR:: High Resolution, 280x192, mono.
SHR:: 320x200, 256 colors.
SPR:: Sprites, mono.

Atari 8-bit
256, AP2:: 80x96, 256 colors.
4MI:: "AtariTools-800" 4 mono missiles 2x240 each.
4PL:: "AtariTools-800" 4 mono players 8x240 each.
4PM:: "AtariTools-800" 4 mono players 8x240 each plus 4 mono missiles 2x240 each.
A4R:: "Anime 4ever", 80x256, 16-level grayscale, compressed.
ACS:: "AtariTools-800" 4x8 font, 4 colors.
AGP:: "AtariTools-800" graphic.
ALL:: "Graph", 160x192, 5 colors.
AP3, APV, DGI, DGP, ILC:: "Digi Paint", 80x192, 256 colors, 2 frames.
APC, PLM:: "Any Point, Any Color" / "Plama 256", 80x96, 256 colors.
APL:: "Atari Player Editor", up to 16 16x48 frames, 4 colors.
APP:: 80x192, 256 colors, 2 frames, compressed.
ART:: "Ascii-Art Editor", up to 64x24 characters, mono.
// I only see up to 40x21 in the editor, but the sample file SIANO.ART is bigger
ART:: "Artist" by David Eaton, 160x80, 4 colors.
BG9, G09:: 160x192, 16-level grayscale.
BGP:: "Bugbiter APAC239i", 80x239, 256 colors, 2 frames.
BKG:: "Movie Maker" background, 160x96, 4 colors.
CCI:: "Champions' Interlace", 160x192, 2 frames, compressed.
CHR:: "Blazing Paddles" font, mono.
CIN:: "Champions' Interlace", 160x192 or 160x200, 2 frames.
CPI:: "Marco Pixel Editor", 160x192, 4 colors, compressed.
CPR:: "Trzmiel", 320x192, mono, compressed.
CUT:: "Cut Creator", 96x99, mono.
DIN:: 320x192, 10 colors, 2 frames.
DLM:: "Dir Logo Maker", 11x16 characters, mono.
DRG:: "Atari CAD", 320x160, mono.
ESC:: "EscalPaint", 80x192, 256 colors, 2 frames.
FNT:: 8x8 font, mono.
FWA:: "Fun with Art", 160x192, 128 colors.
G10:: "Graphics 10", up to 80x240, 9 colors.
G11:: "Graphics 11", up to 80x240, 16 colors.
GHG:: "Gephard Hires Graphics", up to 320x200, mono.
GR7:: "Graphics 7", up to 160x120, 4 colors.
GR8:: "Graphics 8", up to 320x240, mono.
GR9:: "Graphics 9", up to 80x240, 16-level grayscale.
HIP:: "Hard Interlace Picture", 160x200, grayscale, 2 frames.
HPM:: "Grass' Slideshow", 160x192, 4 colors, compressed.
HR:: 256x239, 3 colors, 2 frames.
HR2, HCI:: 320x200, 5 colors, 2 frames.
ICE:: "Interlace Character Editor" font, 2 frames.
ICN:: "ICE CIN", 160x192, 80 colors, 2 frames.
IGE:: "Interlace Graphics Editor", 128x96, 16 colors, 2 frames.
IMN:: "ICE MIN", 160x192, 80 colors, 2 frames.
ING:: "ING 15", 160x200, 7 colors, 2 frames.
INP:: 160x200, 7 colors, 2 frames.
INT:: "INT95a", up to 160x239, 16 colors, 2 frames.
IP2:: "ICE PCIN+", 160x192, 45 colors, 2 frames.
IPC:: "ICE PCIN", 160x192, 35 colors, 2 frames.
IR2:: "Super IRG 2", 160x192, 25 colors, 2 frames.
IRG:: "Super IRG", 160x192, 15 colors, 2 frames.
IST:: "Interlace Studio", 160x200, 2 frames.
JGP:: "Jet Graphics Planner", 8x16 tiles, 4 colors.
KPR:: "Kompresor do Animatora", 4 colors.
LDM:: "Ludek Maker", 16x30 tiles, 4 colors.
LEO:: "Larka Edytor Obiektów trybu $4+", 8x16 tiles, 5 colors.
LUM+COL:: "Technicolor Dream", 80x119, 256 colors.
MAX:: "XL-Paint MAX", 160x192, 2 frames, compressed.
MBG:: "Mad Designer", 512x256, mono.
MCH:: "Graph2Font", up to 176x240, 128 colors.
MCP:: "McPainter", 160x200, 16 colors, 2 frames.
MCPP:: "Paradox", 160x200, 8 colors.
MCS:: 160x192, 9 colors.
MGP:: "Magic Painter", 160x96, 4 colors with optional rainbow effect.
MIC:: "Micro Illustrator" / "Graphics 15" , up to 160x240, 4 colors.
MIC:: "AtariGraphics", 160x192, 4 colors.
MIS:: "AtariTools-800" missile, 2x240, mono.
NLQ:: "Daisy-Dot" 19x16 font, mono.
PIC:: "Koala MicroIllustrator", 160x192, 4 colors, compressed.
PLA:: "AtariTools-800" player, 8x240, mono.
PMD:: "PMG Designer" by Henryk Karpowicz.
PZM:: "Pryzm Artist", 80x192, 256 colors, 2 frames.
RAP:: "Vidig Paint", 80x192, 16 colors.
RAW:: "XL-Paint MAX", 160x192, 16 colors, 2 frames.
RGB:: "ColorViewSquash", up to 160x192, 3 frames.
RIP:: "Rocky Interlace Picture", up to 320x239, 1 or 2 frames.
RM0:: "Rambrandt", 160x96, 99 colors.
// 99 = 4 colors + 95 DLI changes
RM1:: "Rambrandt", 80x192, 256 colors.
RM2:: "Rambrandt", 80x192, 104 colors.
// 104 = 9 colors + 95 DLI changes
RM3:: "Rambrandt", 80x192, 128 colors.
RM4:: "Rambrandt", 160x192, 99 colors.
RYS:: "Mamut", 160x96, 4 colors.
SGE:: "Semi-Graphic logos Editor", 40x24 characters, mono.
SHC:: "SAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours", 320x192, 2 frames.
SHP:: "Blazing Paddles" shape table, mono.
SHP:: "Movie Maker" shapes, 160x96, 4 colors.
SIF:: "Super-IRG" 4x8 font, 4 colors, 2 frames.
SPC:: "The Graphics Magician Picture Painter", 160x192, 128 colors.
SXS:: 16x16 font, mono.
TIP:: "Taquart Interlace Picture", up to 160x119, 2 frames.
TXS:: 16x16, 16-level grayscale.
VZI:: "VertiZontal Interlacing", 160x200, grayscale, 2 frames.
WND:: "Blazing Paddles" window, up to 160x192, 4 colors.
XLP:: "XL-Paint", 160x192 or 160x200, 7 colors, 2 frames, compressed.

NOTE: Artist, AtariGraphics, Magic Painter and Rambrandt had no default extensions, so I made them up.
Documentation for Rambrandt suggests RM0-RM4 for the compressed files, I also use them for the raw format.

Atari Portfolio
PGC:: 240x64, mono, compressed.
PGF:: 240x64, mono.

Atari ST
ART:: "Art Director", 320x200, 16 colors.
BL1:: "DEGAS Elite" block, 16 colors.
BL2:: "DEGAS Elite" block, 4 colors.
BL3:: "DEGAS Elite" block, mono.
BRU:: "DEGAS Elite" brush, 8x8, mono.
CA1:: "CrackArt", 320x200, 16 colors, compressed.
CA2:: "CrackArt", 640x200, 4 colors, compressed.
CA3:: "CrackArt", 640x400, mono, compressed.
CPT:: "Canvas", compressed.
DOO:: "Doodle", 640x400, mono.
DU1, DUO:: 416x273, 136 colors, 2 frames.
DU2:: 832x273, 10 colors, 2 frames.
GFB:: "DeskPic".
ICN:: "DEGAS Elite" icon, mono.
IFF:: "Interchange File Format", compressed.
IMG:: "GEM Bit Image", compressed.
MPP:: "Multi Palette Picture", up to 416x273, 1 or 2 frames.
NEO:: "NEOchrome".
PAC:: "STAD", 640x400, mono, compressed.
PC1:: "DEGAS Elite", 320x200, 16 colors, compressed.
PC2:: "DEGAS Elite", 640x200, 4 colors, compressed.
PC3:: "DEGAS Elite", 640x400, mono, compressed.
PCS:: "PhotoChrome", 320x199, 1 or 2 frames, compressed.
PI1:: "DEGAS", up to 416x560, 16 colors.
PI2:: "DEGAS", 640x200, 4 colors.
PI3:: "DEGAS", 640x400, mono.
PL4:: 320x200, 256 colors, 2 frames, compressed.
SPC:: "Spectrum 512", 320x199, 512 colors, compressed.
SPS:: "Spectrum 512 (Smooshed)" , 320x199, 512 colors, compressed.
SPU:: "Spectrum 512", 320x199, 512 colors.
TN1:: "Tiny Stuff", 320x200, 16 colors, compressed.
TN2:: "Tiny Stuff", 640x200, 4 colors, compressed.
TN3:: "Tiny Stuff", 640x400, mono, compressed.
TNY:: "Tiny Stuff", compressed.
XIMG:: "Extended GEM Bit Image", compressed.

Atari Falcon
DC1, DGC:: "DuneGraph", 320x200, 256 colors, compressed.
DEL:: "DelmPaint", 320x240, 256 colors, compressed.
DGU, DG1:: "DuneGraph", 320x200, 256 colors.
DPH:: "DelmPaint", 640x480, 256 colors, compressed.
FTC:: "Falcon True Color", 384x240, 65536 colors.
GOD:: "GodPaint", 65536 colors.
PI4, PI9:: "Fuckpaint", 320x240 or 320x200, 256 colors.
TRP:: "EggPaint", 65536 colors.
TRU:: "IndyPaint", 65536 colors.

BBC Micro
BB0:: "Mode 0", 640x256, mono.
BB1:: "Mode 1", 320x256, 4 colors.
BB2:: "Mode 2", 160x256, 8 colors.
BB4:: "Mode 4", 320x256, mono.
BB5:: "Mode 5", 160x256, 4 colors.
BBG:: "LdPic", compressed.

Commodore 16
P4I:: up to 320x200, 121 colors.

Commodore 64
4BT:: "GoDot", 320x200, 16 colors.
64C:: 8x8 font, mono.
A64, WIG:: "Wigmore Artist 64", 160x200, 16 colors.
AAS:: "Art Studio", 320x200, 16 colors.
AFL:: "AFLI-editor v2.0" by Topaz Beerlin, 296x200, 16 colors.
AMI:: "Amica Paint", 160x200, 16 colors, compressed.
ART:: "Art Studio", 320x200, 16 colors.
BFLI:: "Big FLI", 148x400, 16 colors.
BML:: "FLI Graph 2.2" by Blackmail, 148x200, 16 colors.
CDU:: "CDU-Paint", 160x200, 16 colors.
CHE:: "Cheese", 160x200, 16 colors.
CWG:: "Create with Garfield", 160x200, 16 colors.
DD:: "Doodle", 320x200, 16 colors.
DLP:: "Drazlace", up to 320x200, 2 frames, compressed.
DOL:: "Dolphin Ed", 160x200, 16 colors.
DRL:: "Drazlace", up to 320x200, 2 frames.
DRP:: "Drazpaint", 160x200, 16 colors, compressed.
DRZ:: "Drazpaint", 160x200, 16 colors.
ECI:: "ECI Graphic Editor", 296x200, 2 frames.
ECP:: "ECI Graphic Editor", 296x200, 2 frames, compressed.
FD2:: "FLI Designer", 148x200, 16 colors.
FFLI:: 148x200, 2 frames.
FGS:: "Fun Graphics Machine", 320x200, mono.
FLI:: "Flexible Line Interpratation", 148x200, 16 colors.
FPT:: "Face Painter", 160x200, 16 colors.
FUN, FP2:: "Funpaint", 296x200, 2 frames, compressed.
GCD:: "Gigacad", 320x200, mono.
GG:: "Koala Painter", 160x200, 16 colors, compressed.
GIG:: "Gigapaint", 160x200, 16 colors.
GIH:: "Gigapaint", 320x200, mono.
GUN, IFL:: "Gunpaint", 296x200, 2 frames.
HBM, HIR:: Hires-Bitmap, 320x200, mono.
HED:: "Hi-Eddi", 320x200, 16 colors.
HFC:: "Hires FLI" by Crest, 296x112, 16 colors.
HIM:: "Hires Manager" by Cosmos, 296x192, 16 colors, compressed.
HLF:: "Hires Interlace" by Feniks, 320x200, 2 frames.
HPC:: "Hi-Pic Creator", 320x200, 16 colors.
IHE:: "Interlace Hires Editor", 320x200, 3 colors, 2 frames.
IPH:: "Interpaint", 320x200, 16 colors.
IPT:: "Interpaint", 160x200, 16 colors.
ISM:: "Image System", 160x200, 16 colors.
JJ:: "Doodle", 320x200, 16 colors, compressed.
KLA, KOA:: "Koala Painter", 160x200, 16 colors.
LP3:: "Logo Painter 3/3+", 160x400, 4 colors.
MCI:: "Truepaint", 320x200, 2 frames.
MIL:: "Micro Illustrator", 160x200, 16 colors.
MLE:: "Multi-Lace Editor", 320x56, 10 colors, 2 frames.
MON:: "Mono Magic", 320x200, mono.
OCP:: "Advanced Art Studio", 160x200, 16 colors.
P64:: "Picasso 64", 160x200, 16 colors.
PI:: "Blazing Paddles", 160x200, 16 colors.
PMG:: "Paint Magic", 160x200, 16 colors.
RP:: "Rainbow Painter", 160x200, 16 colors.
RPM:: "Run Paint", 160x200, 16 colors.
SAR:: "Saracen Paint", 160x200, 16 colors.
VIC:: Generic C64, up to 320x200, 16 colors.
VID:: "Vidcom 64", 160x200, 16 colors.

Macintosh 128K
MAC:: "MacPaint", 576x720, mono, compressed.

SC2, GRP:: "Screen 2", 256x192, 15 colors.
SC5, GE5:: "Screen 5", 256x212, 16 colors.
SC7, GE7:: "Screen 7", 512x212, 16 colors.
SC8:: "Screen 8", 256x212, 256 colors.
SCA:: "Screen 10", 256x212, 12515 colors.
SCC, SRS, YJK:: "Screen 12", 256x212, 19268 colors.
SR5+PL5:: "Screen 5", 256x212, 16 colors.
SR7+PL7:: "Screen 7", 512x212, 16 colors, compressed.
SR8:: "Graph Saurus", 256x212, 256 colors, compressed.

CHS:: 6x8 font, mono.
HIR, HRS:: 240x200, 8 colors.

EPA:: "Award BIOS logo".
MSP:: "Microsoft Paint version 1 or 2", mono.

SAM Coupé
SCS4:: "Mode 4", 256x192, 16 colors.

HR:: 640x240, mono.

TRS-80 Color Computer
CLP:: 40x56, mono.
GRF, MAX, P41, PIX:: 256x192, mono.
P11:: 128x96, 4 colors.

P:: "Sinclair BASIC", 32x24 characters, mono.

ZX Spectrum
3:: 256x192, 8 colors, 3 frames.
ATR:: Attributes, 256x192, 15 colors.
CH4:: 4x8 font, mono.
CH6:: 6x8 font, mono.
CH8:: 8x8 font, mono.
HLR:: Attributes Gigascreen, 256x192, 2 frames.
IFL:: Multicolor 8x2, 256x192, 15 colors.
IMG:: GigaScreen, 256x192, 2 frames.
MC:: Multicolor 8x1, 256x192, 15 colors.
MG1:: "MultiArtist", 256x192, 2 frames.
MG2:: "MultiArtist", 256x192, 2 frames.
MG4:: "MultiArtist", 256x192, 2 frames.
MG8:: "MultiArtist", 256x192, 2 frames.
MLT:: 256x192, 15 colors.
RGB:: 256x192, 8 colors, 3 frames.
SCR:: 256x192, 15 colors.
ZXP:: "ZX-Paintbrush", 256x192, 15 colors.




If you are interested in the RECOIL project, please subscribe its
https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/recoil-users[mailing list].
This list is for users and developers.
Once you subscribe, you can post comments, ideas and questions about RECOIL.

You may submit bugs http://sourceforge.net/p/recoil/bugs/[here] (log in required).


RECOIL 3.2.0 (2015-01-28)::

New formats;;
- Amiga: INFO
- Amstrad CPC: SCR, HGB, FNT
- Apple II: HGR, DHR, SHR
- Atari 8-bit: RYS, HCI, MCPP
- Atari ST/STE: DUO/DU1, DU2, PL4
- BBC Micro: BB0, BB1, BB2, BB4, BB5, BBG
- Commodore 16: P4I
- Commodore 64: A64/WIG
- ZX81: P

RECOIL 3.1.0 (2014-06-25)::

New formats;;
- Commodore 64: GoDot (\*.4BT), \*.VIC, FLI Designer (\*.FD2), Multi-Lace Editor (*.MLE)
- ZX Spectrum: *.3
- Macintosh 128K: MacPaint (*.MAC)
- MSX: \*.SC2, \*.GRP, \*.SC8, Graph Saurus (*.SR8)
- SAM Coupe: *.SCS4

New ports;;
- OS X Quick Look plugin.
- GNOME 3 thumbnailer.
- Linux *.DEB and *.RPM binary packages.

Android changes;;
- Search filenames using on-screen keyboard.
- Added file information and About boxes.
- Don't reset the gallery on orientation change.

Other changes;;
- Disable per-line background color in the Funpaint (FUN) format.
- Reset RECOILWin zoom after a large image is open.

RECOIL 3.0.0 (2014-02-26)::

RECOIL is a continuation of the First Atari Image Library (FAIL) project.
In addition to the Atari 8-bit/Portfolio/ST/Falcon formats, RECOIL decodes
Amiga, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum files.
Other changes from FAIL 2.0.2:

- New ports: Android, Paint.NET plugin.
- New Atari 8-bit formats: BGP, DGI, LEO, LUM, SIF.
- The default Atari 8-bit palette is now Altirra's PAL.
- The XnView plugin is now a single file and requires XnView 2.11 or newer.

FAIL 2.0.2 (2013-09-15)::

New formats: Interlace Character Editor font (ICE), GEM Bit Image (IMG),
Multi Palette Picture (MPP).
This is the last release of FAIL. But don't worry! We are just renaming our project
to Retro Computer Image Library (RECOIL), because we are going to support formats
from 8-bit and 16-bit machines other than Atari. Stay tuned!

FAIL 2.0.1 (2013-04-24)::

Added Atari 8-bit formats: IP2, IMN, ICN, DIN, IRG, IR2, VZI.
Added "DEGAS Elite" icon (ICN). Fixed decoding of IPC.
Thumbnail provider implemented for Windows 2000/XP.
Fullscreen mode in HTML 5.

FAIL 2.0.0 (2013-02-15)::

Library rewritten from C to the http://cito.sourceforge.net/[Ć programming language].
This made it possible to create the HTML 5 port.
The rewrite included code clean-up and bug fixes in decoding of
Added new formats: ICE PCIN (IPC), Daisy-Dot font (NLQ), PMG Designer (PMD),
AtariTools-800 font (ACS), PhotoChrome (PCS), HPM, MCS, Anime 4ever (A4R),
DuneGraph compressed (DGC, DC1), Canvas compressed (CPT), Interchange File Format (IFF),
DEGAS Elite block (BL1, BL2, BL3), DEGAS Elite brush (BRU).
Added auto-detection of Atari STE 4096-color palette.
FAILWin and XnView show the computer family of the file format.
FAILWin shows the number of alternating frames.
The win64 package is now sufficient on 64-bit Windows, there's no need to install the win32 package.
Reduced CPU and memory usage in fail2png.

FAIL 1.4.0 (2012-11-28)::

Added Atari Falcon formats: Fuckpaint (PI4, PI9), DuneGraph (DGU, DG1),
EggPaint (TRP), IndyPaint (TRU), GodPaint (GOD), Falcon True Color (FTC),
DelmPaint (DEL, DPH).
Added Atari ST formats: Spectrum 512 Smooshed (SPS), DeskPic (GFB),
416x560 DEGAS (PI1).
Created plugin for Imagine (might be interesting for Total Commander users,
as Imagine includes a Total Commander plugin).
Reduced CPU and memory usage in Windows thumbnail provider, ImageMagick
and XnView.

FAIL 1.3.0 (2012-07-23)::

Added Atari ST formats: DEGAS (PI1, PI2, PI3), DEGAS Elite (PC1, PC2, PC3),
NEOchrome (NEO), Spectrum 512 (SPU, SPC), Tiny Stuff (TNY, TN1, TN2, TN3),
STAD (PAC), CrackArt (CA1, CA2, CA3), Doodle (DOO), Art Director (ART).
Added Atari Portfolio formats (PGF, PGC).
More Atari 8-bit formats: Atari Player Editor (APL), Artist (ART),
Ascii-Art Editor (ART), Atari CAD (DRG),
AtariTools-800 (AGP, PLA, MIS, 4PL, 4MI, 4PM), ING 15 (ING),
Lepix dialect of CIN, raw images (GR7, G10, G11).
Fixed non-interlaced RIP modes.
FAILWin extended with "First/Last file in directory", "Skip files on error".
Narrow pictures were cropped in FAILWin.

FAIL 1.2.0 (2011-12-16)::

Added decoding of ColorViewSquash (RGB), Blazing Paddles (CHR, SHP, WND),
Magic Painter (MGP), Mad Designer (MBG), AtariGraphics (MIC),
Fun with Art (FWA), Rambrandt (RM0, RM1, RM2, RM3, RM4), XL-Paint (XLP),
XL-Paint MAX (MAX), SHIMC (SHC), Graph (ALL), APP View (APP),
Semi-Graphic logos Editor (SGE), Dir Logo Maker (DLM), Movie Maker (BKG, SHP),
BG9, G09, The Graphics Magician Picture Painter (SPC).
Improved decoding of all RAW and MIC, some RIP and FNT files.
Added APV extension for the AP3 format.
Created GNOME thumbnailer (for Linux file browser Nautilus).
You may drag&drop files to the FAILWin window.
GR8 wasn't registered in ImageMagick.

FAIL 1.1.0 (2011-04-18)::

Fixed decoding of ILC, AP3, RIP, PIC, CPR, HIP and CIN.
Added support for MCH, IGE, 256, AP2, JGP, DGP, ESC, PZM, IST and RAW.
Created Windows thumbnail provider.
Fixed user interface issues in FAILWin.
Fixed compilation errors with the new libpng.
Updated installation for new ImageMagick.
Moved source code from SVN to Git.

FAIL 1.0.1 (2010-08-25)::

Windows setup has been created. A coder for ImageMagick has been created.
MCP, GHG and HR2 formats are supported. Build process has been improved.

FAIL 1.0.0 (2009-08-25)::

Initial release.


Piotr Fusik {recoilwww!<fox@scene.pl>}::
Idea, programming.

Mariusz Rozwadowski {recoilwww!<ramosc64@o2.pl>}::
Formats research, testing.

Adrian Matoga {recoilwww!<epi@atari8.info>}::

Petri Pyy {recoilwww!<laskipeto@gmail.com>}::
OS X Quick Look plugin.

Paweł Szewczyk {recoilwww!<ripek77@gmail.com>}::
Icons, testing.

Peter Dell {recoilwww!<jac@wudsn.com>}::

Sławomir Śledź {recoilwww!<slaves@scene.pl>}::

Monika Wesołowska {recoilwww!<giulio.caesar@gmail.com>}::

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