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Read Me

rateamp plugin - Readme

Copyright 2006, Henning Hanßen, Germany

This plugin is released under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

This is a beta version!

Copy the gen_rateamp.dll into your winamp/plugin direcory.
for example:

c:\program files\winamp\plugins\

then run only winamp.

LanguageFile Support added:
A Language File could be created in Developer Mode with the Contextmenu in Main Form.
May you load the old Plugin Version and reuse the old LangFile.
The LanguageCode of your System will be displayed in the config form.
take an language file and rename it. for example the language code of germany is 1031 -> so the lang file for the german version has the following filename: rateamp1031.ini
then open the file with a notepad and translate the lines. Its important to change only the text afterthe first '='. If Entrys are dublicatet like Mainform.Caption in the MainForm section and MainFormTitle in the Misc section, translate both of them. But the more important is the Misc section, cause this strings are used dynamic in the source. Every other section contains static text.
there are %d and other placeholders in the strings: use them in the right order. there would be placed
%d decimal
%s string
%f floatingpoint entrys
if you  want to change the order change the %d throug an %0:d the zero (0) is the index of this the entry and counts (the second placeholder has there an 1, the third an 2)
at last save the ini file an (re-)start winamp.
the langfile is configured in the plugin.ini : section RateAmp : ident LangIniFileNm
if this entry is not present, the LangCode will be read out of the system, so send me your lang files. I put them to the release and any other person, who has your langcode has a profit, cause they can use your langfile instandly.
If you want to translate some line and don't know: What's this?! take a look to the source or take the forum on the project site and ask me, i'll try to explane this line.