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ahkSrc 2014-08-28 tony woode tony woode [421ced] Tidied up AHK source folders
libInstalls 2014-05-12 Tony Woode Tony Woode [eae5ad] FindFile needs packaging and registering - arch...
qp 2014-08-27 tony woode tony woode [27045e] Change log removed - I'd like it, but it needs ...
src 2014-10-06 tony woode tony woode [0fdbd6] removed 'original homepage' link from help menu
test 2014-05-26 Tony Woode Tony Woode [762b06] Added Test folder and test files
.gitignore 2014-08-26 tony woode tony woode [3b081d] Ignore original binary 2014-04-13 Tony Woode Tony Woode [1e1e8e] lastly, push from trickle to merged...
cleanForRelease.bat 2014-08-27 tony woode tony woode [61b293] WINDOWS style separator......

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Powerful Windows universal emulator frontend with support for very many emulators, systems, and other frontends/collections

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Distributed under the BSD-3 License; see Package/bsd.txt