• Kenneth Olson
    Kenneth Olson

    1) Drag tabs to reorder, rather than being forced to go into Options
    2) Right click option to create a group
    3) Right click option to modify existing group
    4) I see that I can right click on a folder in the left tree pane to add as a new tab, but need option to right click a folder within a tab to add it as a new tab

  • AJ Luna
    AJ Luna


    1. You can actually drag the tabs to reorder them.
    2. You can right-click a tab and select "Create new group" from there
    3. You can right click a tab to add the active tab to an existing group. Additionally, you can modify a group by going into Options->Groups and then add or remove any folder directory that you want.
    4. You can customize this. Mine is when I middle-click on a folder it automatically opens as a new tab. Go to the Options->Window, tick "When mouse wheel clicked on folder" and choose "New Tab" from the dropdown menu.

    I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, I don't know if it's significantly different when it comes to other Windows versions, but please do play around with the Options 'cause most requests are probably existing already.