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Tree [r1269] /

File Date Author Commit
BRProfile 2009-07-02 joshualubell [r586] initial import
ConvertedNDR 2009-04-16 harveybetty [r529]
GLProfile 2009-11-10 joshualubell [r812]
JavaToXVRL 2011-11-23 jcuvillier [r1266]
NDRAuthoring 2008-06-18 harveybetty [r4] First Input
Rules Examples 2008-12-16 tix-sourceforge [r352] Examples for QOD users.
SchematronExecutor 2011-11-23 jcuvillier [r1267]
ValidationPage 2011-11-23 jcuvillier [r1264]
branches 2008-06-06 joshualubell [r1] initial import
ndrprofile 2011-01-21 tix-sourceforge [r1124] Conversion stylesheet for NDRProfile V1 instanc...
tags 2008-06-06 joshualubell [r1] initial import
trunk 2008-06-06 joshualubell [r1] initial import
version2 2011-06-07 jcuvillier [r1197]
version2.1 2011-11-23 jcuvillier [r1269]