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PySparse - Python Sparse Matrix Library / News: Recent posts

Pysparse now on Subversion

This is a note to inform pysparse users that the pysparse CVS
repository was today migrated to subversion. To checkout pysparse's trunk use

$ svn co https://pysparse.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pysparse/trunk


Posted by Dominique 2008-12-04

PySparse 0.33.029 released


added new umfpack module. (by Nathaniel C. Domingo)

added Umfpack library source files to distribution (by Nathaniel C. Domingo)

added new module sparray, implementing a multidimensional sparse array
(by Pascal Barbedor)

fixed bug in SSOR preconditioner (precon module) for omega != 1.0 and
steps > 1

Posted by Roman Geus 2004-07-26