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Let the games begin!

The last news was posted in February of 2009. It said we would be posted stuff as they were ready. Well, that didn't really happen did it?

However, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of AC2, we are uploading a package of code to the Files section right now! This should allow you to host your own server, though it will be somewhat limited in scope.

We are unable to hand out the client as that is Turbine property as well as a couple of the files that we created from the portal.dat file. However if you have the client still kicking around, this should be enough to get you started and running around Dereth!... read more

Posted by Oplock 32 2012-11-06

Pyreal Project Started!

The Pyreal development team is currently putting together the first release of Pyreal for the public! We are uploading our server source code as the various components are written; we will hopefully be able to get some of the most basic framework components uploaded within the next few weeks. Watch the project for upcoming developments!

Posted by Oplock 32 2009-02-27