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Read Me


pymagellan is a python interface to the map format used by Magellan GPS devices. The code is rougly
based on the specification of the Magellan map format from the mapsend_format Yahoo group. 
It also provides a command line tool for converting data from OpenStreetMap.

The produced maps should work fine with the Magellan Meridian, Sportrack, Explorist and Triton series GPS 
devices from Magellan Navigation. 

Note, the code is in pre-alpha state and is not extensively tested yet. Use at your own risk.

PyMagellan is is released under the GPL v2 license

* Generates Magellan detailed maps from OSM files
* The map generation is highly configurable using a Osmarender like XML style file
* Topographical maps can be created from any GDAL supported raster DEM file
* Can generate POIs sorted in categories and sub-categories
* Support for both big/small-endian byte order
* Can download openstreetmap data from the internet


The latest release can be found at the `sourceforge download page <>`_

Or you can check out the development version:

> svn co pymagellan

Python version >= 2.4
cElementTree (only needed for Python 2.4)
NumPy version >= 1.0.4
GDAL library with Python support (SVN trunk) (only needed for topo maps)

Run as root:
# python install

In Ubuntu:
> sudo python install

How to run it

Simple example to generate an image file mymap.imi from an OSM xml-file myfile.osm

> -v -n "My map" -o mymap.imi -r osmmagellan/data/osmmagrules.xml --name-tag-list=int_name,name myfile.osm

Future improvements and features (in order of importance)
* Write a nicer and complete rule file (the distributed one is not more than a simple example)
* Generation of polygons from coastlines
* Improve speed
* Custom colours (right now there is only a limited selection of colors)
* Possibility to create base maps 
* Routable maps

* `Mapsend format yahoo group <>`_