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PyJdbc driver / News: Recent posts

pyjdbc 0.3.1 released

bugfix release.

Posted by Marco Paolini 2007-02-28

PyJdbc 0.3 with ZJdbcDA released

Few bugs fixed.

Posted by Marco Paolini 2007-02-20

Credra portal at http://www.credra.com

The pyjdbc team now runs a business! Please visit us at http://www.credra.com.

Posted by Marco Paolini 2006-02-28

PyJdbc 0.2 with ZJdbcDA released

A new release of PyJdbc is out. Now you can also use it with Zope.

Posted by mmorra 2005-12-01

PyJdbc at OSDC 2005 conference in Melborune, Australia

PyJdbc will be presented at the Open Source Developers' Conference, held in Melbourne, Australia
on Tuesday 06 December 2005. To find out more visit http://www.osdc.com.au.

Posted by mmorra 2005-11-24

PyJdbc 0.1 released

The first public version of the PyJdbc is now available for download from the sf site http://sf.net/projects/pyjdbc. Please note this release is not stable yet.

Posted by mmorra 2005-11-24