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.cvsignore 2005-02-07 parente parente [9f53e3] Updated to build for 2.4
.project 2005-02-07 parente parente [b83670] Updated example so it only requires win32gui, n...
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__init__.py 2004-09-13 parente parente [a5a2cf] Added __init__ file
aa hook.py 2005-02-23 parente parente [4a0336] Finished doc
cpyHook.i 2008-10-08 nanotube nanotube [889db1] Update the SWIG typemap syntax from a deprecate...
doc.py 2005-02-23 parente parente [4a0336] Finished doc
example.py 2005-02-23 parente parente [4a0336] Finished doc
setup.py 2008-10-12 nanotube nanotube [9ca994] add maintainer info

Read Me

See the website, http://pyhook.sourceforge.net/, for the latest updates to this information.

Known bugs
- PyInstaller can't build single-file executables using pyHook. This may be
  fixed in 1.5.1, but hasn't been tested.
- pyHook is reported to break dead keys on non-US-english keyboards.
- WM_CHAR messages are not intercepted by pyHook, even if SubscribeKeyChar() or
  SubscribeKeyAll() are used to set the callback function.

- pyHook will not work on Win9x (no messages show up) as it uses hooks which
  are not present in Windows systems prior to NT 4.0 SP3.

Visit http://pyhook.sourceforge.net for binaries, documentation, and tutorials.

Bug reports and feature requests should be reported via the Sourceforge page at