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Proxy Searcher 5.0 released

What's new?

  1. Fixed second defect related to application crash during search which happened insde of built-in GeoIP.
Posted by Burd 2015-05-10

Proxy Searcher 4.9 released

What's new?

  1. Added tasks queue which allows to avoid tasks storm. You may change limit in settings of Proxy Searcher. Currently 100 checking tasks may be executed simultaneously.
  2. Main window location and size saves when application closes and restores on the next application start.
  3. Fixed defect related to application crash during search.
Posted by Burd 2015-05-04

Proxy Searcher 4.8 released

This version uses newest MaxMind Lite GEO IP database

What's new?
1. Built-in GEO IP database was refreshed.
2. Added country localization for DE and RU languages.

Posted by Burd 2015-03-15

Proxy Searcher 4.7 released

This version covers translation into German language

What's new?
1. Proxy Searcher is available on German language now.
2. Added localization into Download New Version form.

Posted by Burd 2014-12-31

Proxy Searcher 4.6 released

This version covers minor bug fixing.

What's new?
1. Fixed NullReferenceException related to unset socks proxy for Firefox.
2. Improved error logging: canceled requests for proxy change aren't errors anymore.

Posted by Burd 2014-12-15

Issue with detecting type of proxy

According to the latest changes which were provided by Sourceforge team it's not possible to differ Anonymous and HighAnonymous proxies of HTTP type. All of them are detecting as Anonymous right now. You may use different service for detecting proxy type if it's issue for you. For that you need to change your proxy checker into http://checkerproxy.net/

Posted by Burd 2014-12-13

Proxy Searcher 4.5 Released

What's new?
1. Added panel with used proxies. Now it's quite easy to see what proxy is used for which browser.
2. Fixed set of defects related to proxy usage.
3. Removed reverting proxy into previous state when program exists. Now it's clearing proxy usage on exit. It was done because of bad user experience.

Posted by Burd 2014-12-13

Proxy Searcher 4.4 Released

That release mainly covers core refactoring.

What's new?
1. Core is ready for public usage. Please follow that link for details http://proxysearcher.sourceforge.net/SearchEngine.php.
2. Fixed a few minor defects.

Posted by Burd 2014-12-03

Proxy Searcher 4.3 Released

That release mainly covers core refactoring.

What's new?
1. Core was refactored, Now it's quite simple to reuse binaries for proxy searching in your own program.
2. Proxy Searcher takes into account only one IP address of proxy (without port). Such filtering allows to get rid of similar proxy servers.

Posted by Burd 2014-11-30

Proxy Searcher 4.2 Released

That release fixes defects without adding new features.

What's new?
1. Fixed detection of Anonymous proxy.

Posted by Burd 2014-11-26

Proxy Searcher 4.1 Released

That release fixes defects without adding new features.

What's new?
1. Fixed defect related to country detection, in case of big concurrency country was detected wrong.
2. InternetExplorer proxy client throws NullReferenceException. Tracking code was added in order to understand what's going there.
3. Fixed defect related to determining socks proxy type which was introduce in previous release.

Posted by Burd 2014-11-22

Proxy Searcher 4.0 Released

Developing of Proxy Searcher is resumed. Unfortunately I still don't know how often I will be able to release new versions. Therefore I will not give any estimates for the next release.

What's new in current release?
1. Added analysis for outgoing IP address of proxy. Country is detecting based on outgoing address. You may see outgoing address of proxy in tooltip over IP address values.
2. Improved GA tracking in order to collect requirements for most popular localization languages.... read more

Posted by Burd 2014-11-18

Proxy Searcher 3.9 Released

I found time for prepare release with really small changes.

What's new?

  1. Fixed advertising showing issue.
  2. Fixed explanation for broken configuration issue.
Posted by Burd 2014-07-19

Developing of Proxy Searcher is suspended

I will not have access to computer nearest days/weeks/months so I will be not able to develop new versions of Proxy Searcher. The length of that period is undefined therefore I cannot give you an estimate when development of Proxy Searcher will be resumed. I am looking forward on time when I will come back.

Please leave your feedback at https://sourceforge.net/p/proxysearcher/discussion/yourfeedback/ and thank you for using Proxy Searcher.

Posted by Burd 2014-07-17

Proxy Searcher 3.8 Released

Whats new?

Fixed issues related to advertising control
1. Show advertising control after commercial is fully loaded.
2. Update advertising in case of loading errors.
3. Added GA tracking for advertising errors.

Posted by Burd 2014-07-17

Proxy Searcher 3.7 Released

Whats new?

  1. Added fast settings to the Search Page. Now you may manage search speed easily directly on search page.
  2. Fixed defect on Settings Page related to no possibility to uncheck ignored proxy type.
Posted by Burd 2014-07-14

Proxy Searcher 3.6 Released

Whats new?

  1. Added possibility to filter HTTP proxies (for example Proxy Searcher may ignore transparent proxies).
  2. Increased search speed if checker 'By Url' is selected.
  3. Added scroll bars into pages on property control.
  4. Fixed defect when proxy in IE cannot be set.
Posted by Burd 2014-07-10

Proxy Searcher 3.5 Released

Main feature of this release - added possibility to search proxies simultaneously. This have to increase search speed.

Whats new?
1. Added parallel search engine.
2. Improved Task Viewer implementation.

Posted by Burd 2014-07-08

Proxy Searcher 3.4 Released

Main feature of this release - tracking current search activity with Task Viewer

Whats new?
1. Added Task Viewer which allows you to see detailed report about searching and program loading. In order to open Task Viewer you need to start search and click on progress bar. Do one more click in order to close Task Viewer.
2. Improved advertising block.
3. Added GA tracking for getting information about used languages and search time.
4. Fixed a few issues related to localization and NullReferenceException.
5. Added one new parsing method.

Posted by Burd 2014-07-04

Proxy Searcher 3.3 Released

This release covers enabling of advertising and fixing defects in Google Analytics.

Whats new?
1. Advertising enabled in Proxy Searcher so you may support program.
2. Fixed defect related to recreating client id after update program to new version

Posted by Burd 2014-06-26

Proxy Searcher 3.2 Released

This release covers bug fixing and collecting search results into shared place in order to reuse findings for better and faster search.

Whats new?
1. Fixed defects with null reference exception when IE is not installed.
2. Created auto generated public proxies lists: http://proxysearcher.sourceforge.net/ProxyList.php?type=http and http://proxysearcher.sourceforge.net/ProxyList.php?type=socks

Posted by Burd 2014-06-24

Proxy Searcher 3.1 Released

This release covers bug fixing only

Whats new?
1. Added possibility to choose install folder.
2. Fixed defect with profile in FF

Posted by Burd 2014-05-17

Proxy Searcher 3.0 Released

The main feature of this release is localization into Ukrainian language.

Whats new?
1. Ukrainian languages is supported in Proxy Searcher from now.
2. Ukrainian support is available here https://sourceforge.net/p/proxysearcher/discussion/yourfeedbackua/
3. Fixed search crash after language change.

Posted by Burd 2013-12-22

Proxy Searcher 2.9 Released

The main feature of this release is localization into Russian language.

Whats new?
1. Russian languages is supported in Proxy Searcher from now.
2. Russian support is available here https://sourceforge.net/p/proxysearcher/discussion/yourfeedbackru/
3. Improved UI performance for following areas: filtering, adding new proxy.
4. Improved export feature. Now you can customize columns for exprort.
5. Fixed some small defects.... read more

Posted by Burd 2013-12-07

Proxy Searcher 2.8 Released

We continue defect fixing phase based on Google Analytic information about crashes.

Whats new?
1. Fixed different defects related to exceptions in Proxy Searcher.
2.Improved error handling for specific situation.

Latest version of program could be downloaded from home page (http://proxysearcher.sourceforge.net/)
If you want to add new features please write your ideas here https://sourceforge.net/p/proxysearcher/discussion/create_topic/. Help us to make Proxy Searcher better!

Posted by Burd 2013-11-16