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Projection is both a solution of PPM (Project Portfolio Management) and a tool for operational management of IT projects and industry.
The objective is to propose a single solution to control the quality, visibility and productivity of your projects.

This is the version that lets you use all the features of the solution, which allows you to add your modules and your own plugins.


  • Apache Tomcat server (To ensure 100% compatibility, make sure you have a version higher than the 6th).
  • MySQL installed

Project Structure

The project is divided into two distinct parts:

  • The server (which contains the Java code, Hibernate mapping and access to the database)
  • The client part (Adobe Flex) which provides the man-machine interface

Consequently the repository is divided into two parts; you will find two branches:

  • The branch "ProjectionFlex" for the client part

PROJECTION - Flex part

  |  |-lib

  |-swc files
  |     |-...
  |  |-src
  |     |-conf
  |     |-...
  |     |-modules
  |     |   |-common
  |     |   |   |-anos
  |     |   |   |-gantt
  |     |-plugins
  |     |-...
  |     |-Projection.mxml

src/modules/common/anos contains the requests (bug tracking) module

src/modules/common/gantt/ contains the planning (gantt) module

src/plugins/ contains all plugins (synthesis and reporting functions) installed

src/Projection.mxml is the main file of the program.

  • The branch "ProjectionServer" for the party JAVA

PROJECTION - Server part

  |  |-src/com/kwantys/enigma/
  |     |-hibernate/
  |     |   |-...
  |     |-services/
  |     |   |-...
  |-Sql scripts/
  |  |-donneesScript.sql
  |  |-projectionScript.sql

Sql scripts/ contains the sql scripts to install the Projection's database. To install database execute projectionScript.sql (structure of the dabase), then you can execute donneesProjection.sql for data.

EnigmaBlazeDS/src/com/kwantys/enigma/hibernate contains mapping files for hibernate and JAVA objects generated by Hibernate.

EnigmaBlazeDS/src/com/kwantys/enigma/services contains webservices : JAVA classes that allows you to access to the database.