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packaging 2008-09-28 Alessandro Portale Alessandro Portale [7bf507] Removed Installer language option. One click le...
src 2012-02-26 Alessandro Portale Alessandro Portale [cc46d5] Building against Qt 5
CHANGES 2009-12-07 Alessandro Portale Alessandro Portale [5db462] +Russian translation by Artem Semendyaev
LICENSE 2008-05-10 Alessandro Portale Alessandro Portale [1f612d] Moved CHANGES, README and LICENSE back from src...
README 2012-02-24 Alessandro Portale Alessandro Portale [7a33c1] Danish translation by Henrik Troels-Hansen. Tha...

Read Me

  PosteRazor cuts raster images into multipage PDF documents


  Alessandro Portale <alessandro _at_ casaportale _dot_ de>

  Brazilian Portuguese: Ederson Gomes dos Santos
  Czech: Filip Pivarci
  Danish: Henrik Troels-Hansen http://www.troels-hansen.dk
  Dutch: Erik Wijkamp
  European Portuguese: Helder Correia
  Finnish: Olli
  French: Martin Loyer <traduction _at_ loyer _dot_ name>
  Italian: Stefano Nosei, Enrico Ros
  Polish: Grzegorz Wacikowski
  Simplified Chinese: Sun Li
  Spanish: Cristobal from Hispanicoweb.net
  Traditional Chinese: Chung-Yu Hsu