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Pop is a J2EE framework that can help you to build a stateless and light-weighted web application in pure object-oriented MVC. Pop uses Java objects to represent the models of JSP pages. The hyper-links in the pages are all represented by the method invokations or the properties of the Java objects. Navigation rules are therefore unnecessary. The pages are loosely-coupled from each other, and the only task of a page is to show the corresponding model (or say Java object) in client browser. Multiple pages for a single model are allowed, as a result, you can realize i18n in a totally different way from using resource bundles.

Pop stores all sessions in client side. This can help you to build stateless and light-weighted web servers. As a result, Pop can help you to build a load-balancing system which is scalable and dynamic, so that your client can save huge investment on software and hardware, and can deal with huge number of concurrent users.

To learn how to use Pop and to get Pop's API, readme and tutorial off line, please download the Pop package file the 'Files' of this project and then click the ReadMe.html file. To do those on line, please click http://www.popframework.net.

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