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Pocket Sudoku / News: Recent posts

Pocket Sudoku 1.0

Pocket Sudoku 1.0 has been released with a whole bunch of new features compared to the earlier versions. Go and get it while it's hot!

Posted by Emil Andersson 2008-09-10

Pocket Sudoku 0.9.1 released

Version 0.9.1 is a release adding just one new feature: the ability to save and load pencil marks.

There are no visual changes, so all the language files from 0.9 are working in this release as well.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2008-07-02

Introducing the all-new semi-automatic pencil mark mode

Read and comment at

If you feel playing with automatic pencil marks almost makes the game too easy, I agree with you. And if you think clearing away manual pencil marks after placing a number on the board is just a plain pain, I agree with you. That is why we are introducing the all-new semi-automatic pencil mark mode.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2007-11-16

Development Screenshots

At our web page, you can find some screenshots that illustrate the development progress this far.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2007-11-10

Version 1.0 to be released this summer/autumn

I had really bad weather during the first week of my vacations this year, so I sat down and started working on version 1.0 of Pocket Sudoku!

Progress is looking fine this far. There are still some bugs that need to be fixed and some optimizations to be done but I can already promise some exciting new features:

* Pocket Sudoku for Windows - For all of you who want to run the game on your desktop pc.
* Squiggly - Oddly shaped puzzles
* Diagonals - 1 to 9 in the two diagonals as well
* Different grid sizes - Play 2*2, 3*3, 4*3 and other variations

Posted by Emil Andersson 2007-07-14

Help wanted - Smartphone version

We want to make Pocket Sudoku even better by making it available to Smartphone users as well.

A Smartphone (not a Pocket PC phone) differs from a Pocket PC in two ways:
* They have no touch screen
* They have a keypad

The current Pocket Sudoku interface relies on the touch screen, and that's the reason why it won't work on Smartphones.

We are therefore looking for developers who're willing to design an easy to use user interface for the Smartphone platform.... read more

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-08-18

Announcing version 0.9

Pocket Sudoku closes up on version 1.0 with today's release of the 0.9th version of the popular sudoku game.

Version 0.9 is mostly a bug-fix release, but we've managed to add some new features as well:

* Check progress & Undo to valid - You can now check if your current progress is correct, without asking the application to solve the whole grid. If it's not correct, you're asked if you want to recover the last valid state and continue from there.
* Detect and use system language - The default language of a clean Pocket Sudoku installation is now your system's language, if it's included in the release. Thanks to the users who translated this version, so that the game can ship with a total of 11 languages:
o Dutch
o English
o French
o Galician
o German
o Greek
o Italian
o Portuguese
o Slovak
o Spanish
o Swedish

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-08-14

Translate version 0.90.

Pocket Sudoku version 0.9 will be released on August 14, but if you would like to translate it, you should already now download the pre-release from our servers. All translations submitted to the Translations tracker before August 14 will be included in the release.

To create your translation, simply copy the English.xml file in the Languages directory and rename the file to yourlanguage.xml. Then open the file in your favorite text editor and start editing its contents.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-08-05

Version 0.8 released

After some hard work, the next major Pocket Sudoku release has been completed: 0.8

Some of the new features in the 0.8 release:

* Hints - Get help when you've got stuck
* ClearType detection - No more problems with dirty graphics
* Toolbar - The user interface has been revamped and is now more appealing. The undo, redo and hint features are available from the toolbar
* Harder levels - Bugfixes, don't you just love 'em?! One of the bugs that have been fixed makes the hard and very hard levels even harder! The application can now solve harder puzzles as well.... read more

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-06-26

Version 0.70

We have now released version 0.70 of Pocket Sudoku. The big changes are Language support and the ability to solve ALL valid puzzles. We have also fixed some bugs and included some new feature requests.

What are you waiting for? Go download the latest version!

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-04-29

Top 100!

I just recently noticed, on the statistics page (, that Pocket Sudoku has been ranked as the 91th most active project last week.

Many thanks to all of you: reporting bugs, posting ideas and sending in translations. Without your help, Pocket Sudoku would still be as in the old version: 0.26.

This project is more alive than ever!... read more

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-04-20

Translator release

I have now uploaded a translator release, to ease the process of translating Pocket Sudoku into different languages.

Please see:

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-04-09

Version 0.63

This release is a bug fix release.

* Fixes the high score bug
* Fixes a pause bug
* The entire application is now VGA-aware.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-04-08

Version 0.62

No, this is NO joke. Pocket Sudoku has been released in version 0.62.

* Introduced a checkbox in the settings window to allow obvious mistakes to be done.
* Fixed the manual pencil mark bug.
* Fixed the clock bug.
* Ability to skip numbers.
* Pause (Ability to stop and start the timer).
* High score lists (One 10 top times list for each level = 5 lists).
* Other minor bug fixes

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-04-01

German translation

Someone (anonymous) recently upload a German translation of version 0.60 in the patches tracker, and I have now put it in the file releases system, and added a link on the home page.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-03-26

Version 0.60

New features:

* Undo, redo
* Save and load text files
* Real manual pencil marks
* Reset pencil marks
* Notification when new grid has loaded
* Faster GUI

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-03-13

Version 0.50

New features:

Pencil marks
Background generation
Back buffering (i.e. No flicker)

I just found out that Lúcio Ferrão had created a derivate of Pocket Sudoku (named SudoPocket). It included some features I had been thinking of including in Pocket Sudoku, so I took out the parts I liked and put them back into Pocket Sudoku.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2006-02-26

Version 0.26

Version 0.26 is now released and contains a new clearing mechanism and a new settings dialog. There's also an installer and a cab-file to download if you want to install the program to your handheld device.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2005-10-26

New version

Pocket sudoku is now in version 0.2. Its new capabilities are saving and loading, an enhanced input system, and the new multigen function.

Since it's written in .NET, you can run the program on your computer, use the multigen feature to create some sudokus and then copy them to your handheld device. This way, you don't have to wait while your device generates new sudokus, but can load them from file and start solving them instantly.

Posted by Emil Andersson 2005-10-06