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Read Me

$Id: README.txt,v 1.1 2008/06/27 00:32:51 f1dsk $

Vlad Kulchitski,
Chris King,

This module is in beta stage. It has been tested and is stable. However, we're still trying to 
figure out how to arrange admin of it. So some things may not make sense immediately. For an
example of how this module works please visit

Plus 1 Minus 1 module provides ability to rate nodes. Each user can give positive or negative vote 
to the node. Total score is calculated and displayed.

Plus 1 Minus 1 goes further by allowing anonymous users vote as well. Module creates a unique identifier
and plants a cookie in user's browser. That is then used instead of $user-uid.

How to use
1. As soon as you enable this module in administration panel, this module will immediately apper in 
teaser view of your blog (
2. This module also displays in a full article/node view. For this you'll need to go to Admin > Blocks
and enable block "Plus 1 Minus 1" and move it to the region of your preferece.
3. In Admin > Plus 1 Minus 1, you can setup which node type to use Plus 1 Minus 1 for.
4. Do not forget to configure Permission for who can use the widget.

Bugs and Glitches
|There are two mods that this widget is working as (1) widget hooked via node_api, (2) block. 
|(1) widget displays in teaser view of any node (mostly it's news/blog/story or front poge).
|(2) block displays only on a content type that you specify in Admin > Plus 1 Minus 1.
|So there need to be some more work in making this more consistent.

- Plus 1 Minus 1 is a module that evolved from module 'plus1' (
designed for Drupal 5.
- Plus 1 Minus 1 is also a module that evolved from Caroline Schnapp (
upgrade of aforementioned 'plus1' from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.