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Simple Starter Framework, v2.1 Uploaded

Over the last two years the Starter framework has been downloaded thousands of times. I appreciate your interest. However, despite almost zero feedback through Sourceforge channels, I've learned through various means that despite being kept trim, Starter is still too complex for most shops that simply want a little instrumentation and maybe a parameter table for table-driven app properties.

So I trimmed almost all the fat from Starter and created a new version of the framework, called "Simple". (normally I'm more creative when naming things than this) It only has 4 tables, installs in about 30 seconds, and provides only the features needed to handle exceptions, logs (info, warn, error and debug), read and write files, take metrics (timings), audit column-level changes and keep table-driven parameters. The learning curve is about an hour, instead of a few days.... read more

Posted by Bill Coulam 2012-02-16

Version 2.0 Released!

A few bugs and kinks ironed out in this release. HTML documentation updated. 60 page User Guide completed (see Docs\Starter_UserGuide.pdf). My apologies to the hundreds who downloaded this before the User Guide was complete.

Updated for 11g. Note: You'll need to create ACLs (per 11g's new security model) if you rewrite the MAIL package to use UTL_MAIL or UTL_SMTP instead of the class.

Posted by Bill Coulam 2010-04-18

10g Update

The entire framework has been revisited to make use of a few 10g improvements, as well as simplified. Made the determination of the calling application transparent (assuming one application per Oracle schema). Will be uploading the update today, finishing unit testing and documentation within the month.

Posted by Bill Coulam 2008-02-12