#1225 Going down in PK >> FK hierarchy

Arcadiy Fedushin

With pmadb database configured, phpMyAdmin supports "going-up", "FK >> PK" in Browse mode.
Values in every Foreign Key column are links for viewing the record with corresponding Primary Key.

The suggestion is to realize also going in reverse direction - "down" in this hierarchy.
If the table contains PK constraints, let's add new icon near "pen" (b_edit.png) to every record & to the bottom of the Browse page.
If the table contains only one PK, this new icon should be a link to Browse page with FK-table filtered by clicked PK.
To browse FK-rows attached to a group of PKs, user may mark rows with that PKs & click icon at the bottom of the page.
Otherwise (the table contains several PKs) let's add a little menu dropping-down from new icon on hover or on click.
So user can click icon & select which FK-table to browse.


  • Drop-down menu should appear on hover, not on click.
    Otherwise we can mislead the user who thinks that table contains several PKs, clicks on icon (maybe only to view the list of PKs) but immediately leaves "big" FK-table & looses position in it.

  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

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