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1.0.4 released

Minor patch bug fix release. Should ease installation. Should slide easily into any existing installation.

Posted by Bryce Nesbitt 2008-01-30

1.0.3 released

phpBugTracker 1.0.3 has been released. It has a modest anti-spam feature, and URL preservation (so you don't lose your place if you are forced to log in).

Posted by Bryce Nesbitt 2007-09-21

1.0.2 released

phpBugTracker 1.0.2 has been released. This is maintenance release of phpBugTracker, based on patches submitted over the last years. phpBugTracker has been remarkably stable, but it is time for quick facelift. Please submit new patches against this version only, using "context diff" format. -Bryce Nesbitt (Volunteer)

Posted by Bryce Nesbitt 2007-09-09

1.0.1 Released

After a rather stable 1.0 was released just over a month ago, there is now a bug-fix release available. The only change in this release is a fix for users of the mysqli database adapter.

Posted by Benjamin Curtis 2005-09-14

New translation template

Now that every string in the templates is ready for translation, a new English version of the language file has been created. If you'd like to help with the translation, please grab en.php from the htmltemplates branch of cvs, modify it for your language, and send it to me. Thanks!

Posted by Benjamin Curtis 2004-07-20

0.9.1 Released

This release just has fixes for PostgreSQL, so if you aren't using it, or if you aren't having problems with it, skip this release. :)

Posted by Benjamin Curtis 2003-01-04

How are you using phpBugTracker?

Visit the wiki page at to add your project/company/name/etc. to the list!

Posted by Benjamin Curtis 2002-10-21

Road map available

I've finally gotten around to writing down a quick outline of what's ahead for phpBugTracker. It's a work in progress, but it's available at

Posted by Benjamin Curtis 2002-04-12

Call for features!

What would you like to see in phpBugTracker? We are working on developing the road map for the next few months and could use suggestions on exactly what people would like to see implemented. Now is your chance to have the package meet your specs! :)

Posted by Benjamin Curtis 2001-10-02