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New REWRITE / No support

We are rewriting the project from scratch. We will no longer support the old version.

Posted by Brandon Husbands 2006-08-19


If you run into a blank page upon doing the install you need to add this to libs/spaces_setup.php
right after the <?PHP

ini_set("include_path", SPACES_DIRECTORY . 'libs');

that should fix it its is because it was not finding pear db

Posted by Brandon Husbands 2006-08-15

Alpha 0.0.2 release

Updated the package, there were a few bugs and also we added a themeing system to the templates.

Posted by Brandon Husbands 2006-08-11

PHP-Spaceter Initial alpha release.

While this is not feature complete to any extent it is a initial preview release to allow people to see it and maybe gain interest in helping out.

Posted by Brandon Husbands 2006-08-11

CVS Updated

CVS should be updated with latest alpha.

Posted by Brandon Husbands 2006-08-11