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Demo website is accessible again at www.easy-cms.org
See http://www.easy-cms.be/demo for more details.

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2006-12-30

new version, new package, new release

Here it is : the latest version of easy-CMS, a release canditate for version 1.0
We hope you will like it.
Feel free to test this brand new version of easy-CMS !

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2006-12-28

heavy work

Vinadelemar has been working on the project for the last 6 months. I'm now joining its efforts to finalize all the improvements that have been done these last month.
A lot of improvements ... really : rights management, versionning, installation scripts, back-end administration panel, and the integration of easy-GUI (including FCKeditor).
We plan to release a new version for september.

Please be patient.... read more

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2006-08-05

New demo : at last...

That's it ! The latest version of the CMS is available on the demo website (www.easy-cms.org/demo , see http://easy-cms.be/index.php?pid=11 for details).

I guess there may still be some bugs due to heavy code modifications ... this is not yet a stable release.

The source code is available on the CVS repository and I plan to release a new tarball in the following days.

For questions, comments or bugs please use the sourceforge website (forums or specifics tools).... read more

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2005-07-16

Still there !

I everyone,

It's been a long time no new version has been released. Please be patient : I'm working on it.
I currently have very few time for the development but I plan to make available the most advanced version on the demo site very soon.

A lot of improvements has already been done such as content and containers sorting and ordering, difference between page name and page title, css for the edition interface, client-side md5 hashing of password transmission, ...... read more

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2005-05-28

New release again

Thanks for your comments !
Important bugs were corrected this week in easy-CMS.

You can now download the release 0.1.2.

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2005-01-29

New release

easy-CMS-0.1.1 now available !

Some code improvements. A lot in fact. And, of course, bugs corrections and UI improvements.

I'm a bit tired and feeling lonely. Somebody wants to help ?
Check this page to see if you can do something : http://www.easy-cms.be/index.php?pid=4

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2005-01-20

API available

The PHPDoc API of the easy-CMS project is available here : http://www.easy-cms.be/API/apidoc/

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2005-01-16

some documentation available

The file easy-CMS-0.1.0d-DB.tar.gz contains ;
- easy-CMS demo.sql : the mysql schema of the database (filled with demo data)
- readme.txt : comments about the installation of the database.
- easy-CMS DB structure.pdf : the graphical structure of the database
- easy-CMS DB structure.png : the same but in png format (and with colours ;-)

I hope it will help the brave ones trying to test (and maybe to understand) the project. ... read more

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2004-11-09


A demo of the CMS is available here :

for more info see http://www.easy-cms.be/

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2004-11-05

easy-cms.org online

(version franaise plus bas)


At least !
After several month of development the easy-cms website is online and up to date. Some pages are still to be completed but it is a good start.
Go to http://www.easy-cms.org

For this project is a multilingual one, I will do my best to post news in english and in french. Sorry for those who understand both languages and who don't like people saying always things twice (just fake not seeing the translation ;-).... read more

Posted by Cedric Francoys 2004-11-02