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Perlbox Voice 0.09 released

Perlbox Voice 0.09 has just been released. Due to multiple requests, this release features the ability to start Perlbox-Voice with or without the graphical user interface. Additionally, an option was added to run perlbox-voice with minimal printing to the screen.
These options can be used together to run perlbox-voice in a headless type mode. Type 'perlbox-voice --help' to see the list of available options:
perlbox-voice --help
--nogui :No graphical user interface
--silent :Minimal printing

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2005-09-05

.07-8 Release

This release adds magic word functionality and is a complete rewrite of the voice response system. Also, this marks the first release with the new package management installer (EPM). We are moving closer to version 1.0.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2004-12-19

Perlbox Voice .07-6

Thanks to a patch by Nick Ing-Simmons, the creator of Perl Tk, we are now compatable with Tk. There are also some changes to the graphical installer, in that it now works:) Get it while it is hot!

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2004-04-07

Perlbox Voice 0.7-4 w/ kde plugin

The newest version of Perlbox-Voice has desktop plugins! You can control you desktop using your voice! Switch virtual desktops, rotate your wallpaper and more. It is easy to extend too. Have fun with it!

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2004-02-04

perlbox-voice 0.5-4 released

Added automatic listener restart on new lm, changed versioning numbers and so forth

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2003-11-18

Perlbox-Voice 0.05 released

Just released an rpm and the sources (with install script) for perlbox-voice. This should take care of some of the problems.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2003-11-16

Perlbox Voice for TK release

Perlbox Voice for Gnome released today

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2003-03-17

Perlbox Voice for Gnome pre release

Perlbox Voice for Gnome, the first application to utilize the Perlbox Voice Application Framework, has been pre released today. This release is a vailable to any persons wishing to try this release, but is for testing purposes and will not be advertised.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2003-01-07

Perlbox Voice for Gnome ready for alpha

Perlbox Voice for Gnome is ready for alpha testing. If you are interested in alpha testing this product, email and I will send you a link to the downloadable archive.

Shane Mason

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2002-12-28

New web site

The web site has been redone, again. Check it out at I will be changing the name servers to point there in a day or so.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2002-12-01

New Mailing List

The old list perlbox-devel is deleted, we will now use perlbox-devel as our main list for general perlbox development issues.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2002-11-08

Sourceforge site updated

Uploaded the 0.1.5 version of perlbox-desktop to the sourceforge site.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2002-10-29

Graphical Installer

In our latest release, perlbox0.0.1, we have included a new graphical installer. It is very statble and robust, with several configuration options.

Posted by Shane C. Mason 2002-01-21