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peekabot 0.8.5 released

Minor bugfix release, fixing compile errors with newer version of gtkmm and more.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2011-04-28

peekabot 0.8.4 released

Bugfix release. Notably, this release finally builds and runs on OS X.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2011-01-27

peekabot 0.8.3 released

A new bugfix release for the 0.8.x series is available for download, fixing various build and runtime errors.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2010-11-28

peekabot 0.8.2 released

The 0.8.2 release fixes various bugs.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2010-10-26

peekabot 0.8.1 released

The 0.8.1 release fixes a problem with a bad typedef that caused compilation errors.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2010-09-29

peekabot 0.8.0 released

The 0.8.0 release contains major new features, notably a completely rewritten GUI, and an upgrade to GPL3 (or later) for the peekabot server (the client is still BSL-licensed).

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2010-09-10

peekabot 0.7.3 released

The 0.7.3 release is the last release in the 0.7.x release series. It contains minor bug fixes only.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2010-09-08

peekabot 0.7.2 released

Bugfix release, including several fixes to allow peekabot to build and run on Windows.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2009-10-27

peekabot 0.7.1 released

This is a bug fix-only release, fixing a compile error when using Boost 1.40.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2009-09-07

peekabot 0.7.0 released

This release contains a number of important, previously unreleased, bug fixes, improved Windows compatibility, a rebuilt rendering engine that's both faster and less hungry for memory in general, and more.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2009-08-21

peekabot 0.6 released

The 0.6 release of peekabot includes many improvements, bugfixes and several new features.

Major new features include full thread-safety in the client library, transparent compression... of on-the-wire data, support for loading client-side files and the ability to record visualization data for later playback. The user manual has also been improved to be more accessible and easy to use.

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2009-06-18

peekabot 0.5 released

Starting with release 0.5, the peekabot client library is licensed under the Boost Software License (BSL), version 1.0. A large portion of the peekabot server remains licensed under the GNU GPL.

The BSL is a permissive no-nonsense license, which allows closed source applications and commerical use. In practice, it means that you can now utilize peekabot in any way you want, no matter the license of your application.... read more

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2008-08-04

peekabot 0.4 released

The 0.4 release has seen numerous bugfixes and internal enhancements, and should be much more stable than the 0.3 release which pioneered some new, buggy changes.

Some of the new and updated features are:
 * A wholly new object-oriented client API - the old API has been deprecated and removed, so upgrading WILL BREAK your existing clients! The new API is both more powerful and easier to work with.
 * Updated user documentation, which now hopefully covers more ground.
 * Support for concave and self-intersecting polygons.
 * The definition file schemas have been fixed to allow elements to be specified in arbitrary order.
 * Support for all object types in the client library.... read more

Posted by Staffan Gimåker 2008-05-14