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sysinfo-1.12h pre-alpha release

* Now provides detailed information on any IDE-HDD(s) or IDE-CDROM(s) that may be installed.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-06-05

sysinfo-1.12g pre-alpha release

sysinfo, as the name tells, is a program that provides you with detailed information about the hardware installed on the system. The features added in new version are as detailed below:

sysinfo-1.12g release:

* Added new module for serial ports information
* Added new module for parallel ports information.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-05-16

sysinfo-1.12f pre-alpha release

* New modules added for CMOS and RTC information.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-05-14

sysinfo-1.12e pre-alpha release

sysinfo-1.12e release:

* Added Interrupts Information.
* Fixed bug in FDD info which would display information of non-existant drives.
* Fixed bug in Keyboard information that would crash/print incorrect information about vendors and keyboard layout.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-05-12

sysinfo v1.12d pre-alpha release

* Added floppy drives information.
* Added hard drives information.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-05-11


* Added new module mscdex (CDROM [through MSCDEX] info).
* Added new module kbd (Keyboard information).

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-05-09

sysinfo v1.12b pre-alpha release

New module - dosinfo added.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-05-02

sysinfo v1.12a pre-alpha release

* Results are displayed in tagged format.
* Descriptions for system information can be changed.
* Now cpu.c, bios.c, apm.c, buses.c are 32-bit DJGPP apps.

Posted by Prashant TR 2001-04-29