#241 Disappearing History


This is possibly by design, but almost hurt me. I had a password that had 3 records of saved password history. In the Password Policy tab for that site, it was set to use the "Database Defaults." I wanted to change that though, so I selected the "Use the policy below" option. When I did that, it removed my password history. I did not know this yet, so I went to the "Basic" tab and generated a new password with the newly selected policy. This almost put me in a bind as I didn't have the most recent password any longer. When I went to change my password at the web site, it asked for my prior password (which I thought was saved in the history) but it was gone. I had a backup of the passwords, but that seems odd that it would delete my history just because I change the password generation policy.


  • DrK

    It shouldn't remove old history and we will investigate.

    However, PasswordSafe does have an Undo facility which should have put them back even after they were deleted.

    Also, PasswordSafe takes intermediate backups (files ending in ".ibak" whenever you save any changes. These are standard databases just with a different extension. You could have opened one of these to find your old history.