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  • Modified ticket #784 on Password Safe

    Need ability to set default text placed in front of shortcut to a base entry

  • Posted a comment on ticket #784 on Password Safe

    This feature is analogous to the Windows shortcut mechanism. Creating a shortcut...

  • Committed [d8999d]

    Started work on FileV4 integration into PWScore

  • Committed [8ca4bc]

    Finish merge of pre-V3 export support from master

  • Committed [b34a9c]

    Read/Write ItemAtt in PWScore (untested)

  • Committed [d5c4d2]

    PWSprefs::GetInstance() won't crash under Windo...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on Password Safe

    Creation time - self explanatory Password modification time - the most recent time...

  • Committed [7568c4]

    Refine FileV4Test.HdrItemAttTest

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