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  • Ult

    would someone mind giving me an example of how they're using the autotype feature?

    • Rony Shapiro
      Rony Shapiro


      1. Simple use (default behaviour): Go to a website that has the username field directly followed by the password field, followed by the "login" button. Click on the username field so that the text cursor is there. Now select (or start up) PasswordSafe, select the corresponding entry and type ^T. PasswordSafe will minimize, the browser will be active and will receive the username and password and then enter.

      2. Advanced use: If the fields for a given website are different (for example, if there's a "remember password" checkbox between the password field and the login button), you can change the functionality of the autotype action for the corresponding entry. This is done by adding the word "autotype:" in the Notes field followed by a command sequence as described in detail in the help file. As an example, here's what I use for logging into my gmail account: "autotype:\u\t\p\t\t\n"
        The extra tab (\t) between the password (\p) and the enter (\n) skips over the "remember password" checkbox.
        In addition, arbitrary text may be put in the autotype command. This is useful if you need to enter fixed information aside from the username and password, such as a bank account number.

      I hope this explanation helped clarify autotype. If not, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll put the full explanation in the help file in a future version.


    • I'm using version 2.07. I'm confused about "as described in detail in the help file" in your messge. I have the HTML help file pwsafe.chm dated 11/23/2004, 3:45 pm. In this help file, neither the page titled "Auto Type" nor any of the six pages obtained by searching the help file for "Notes" discusses this autotype syntax. I've even downloaded the source code for the help file (dated 11/24/2004, 6:25 pm) and searched it for all of "autotype", "auto type", and "command sequence", finding no useful references.

      Has the help file that is actually distributed with 2.07 somehow gotten out of synch with the one that you believe was distributed? Or is there some other explanation?

      • Rony Shapiro
        Rony Shapiro


        You're right about the text lacking - The Help files underwent a major revision between 2.06 and 2.07, and what little descriptive text there was inadvertantly got left out.

        Until the file is updated in the next release, here's a short description:

        The text following "autotype:" in the Notes field of an entry is "typed" as-is when the autotype function is invoked, in the window that was active before PasswordSafe. In addition, the following have special meaning and are not typed as-is:
        \u is replaced by the username associated with the entry.
        \p is replaced by the password associated with the entry.
        \t is replaced by the Tab key, in effect skipping a field
        \n is replaced by the enter key, in effect pressing a button.
        \ is replaced by the backslash () key.
        \dNNN sets the delay between characters to NNN milliseconds, instead of 10 (the default).

        Example: The following can be used where, before the user and password, the bank account number (12345) must be entered: