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 NtrViewer 2006-09-11 lataupe lataupe [f1ee99] Javadoc @author tag.
 network-tests 2009-12-15 salnikov salnikov [47f533]
 network-tests2 2014-06-19 Alexey Salnikov Alexey Salnikov [60c934] Now converter uses only C library with NetCDF.
 parus 2013-12-04 Alexey Salnikov Alexey Salnikov [e5196c] Litle bugt fixed. There was included obsoleted ...
 parus2 2008-08-31 salnikov salnikov [c383c2] Fixed bug with incorrect storing data by proc w...
 Readme.txt 2012-11-07 Alexey Salnikov Alexey Salnikov [2bfa1f] Read ME has been add!

Read Me

The structure of catalogues is next:

network-tests - old network_tests

network-tests2 - new network_tests, now it is the most active, but parus uses data in 
                 format provided by old network_tests.

NtrViewer - very very old network_viewer. It was written by Sergey Nebolsin. The former 
            Lomonosov MSU student.

parus - actual state of PARUS parallel programming language and its implementation.

parus2 - now it was moved to the, but there may be interesting code which 
         has not been moved to frigate 
         repository and is not represented in parus catalogue.