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1.0 Beta Version

1.0 Beta Version deployed.

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-04-15

New Version 0.9.9 - Product Features

Hi all,

now the shop is completely translated (english and german).

Furthermore now the shop admin can specify product features as colors, sizes and so on.

Alexandra Sobek

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-03-25

New Tutorials for Usage and Administration

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-03-20

New Version 0.9.8 - Formular Validation

Customer data validation for order forms added.
Used technology: Spring MVC

Alexandra Sobek

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-03-16

Demo of version 0.9.7 online

Hi all,

I deployed the new version (0.9.7) on my server.

Default username/password is admin/admin.


All images are localized and generated dynamically.

Example URL:

or read more

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-03-15

New Version 0.9.7

Hi all,

following tasks are finished:
- help and guided assistant internationalization finished
- dynamic image creation of all images with a developed dynamic SVGReplacementEngine finished. With a DynamicImageServlet the correct images will be created dynamically on demand.
- Bug fixes at the administration panel

Alexandra Sobek

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-03-15

Demo online

We started a demo. Default username/password is admin/admin.


Alexandra Sobek

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-03-13

Dynamic Template Engine

The development of dynamic template engine inclusive a SVG logo generator started.

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-02-20


New documentation website design and information added. Look at .

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-02-14

New Version 0.9.6

Changes to last version:

- the admin interface was completely refactored
- authenfication implementation
- order overview added
- product image edit moved to edit views of products and product groups
- silenium tests started
- ...

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-02-10

New Version 0.9.5

Internationalization phase finished. Rudimentary translations in english and german of the shop and admin interface.

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-01-26

Internationalization Phase

Internationalization phase started.
First german and english texts will be available.

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-01-24

New Version 0.9.4

New version released with refactored administration interface.

Look at .

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-01-20

Tutorial at sobek agency

Hi all,

I started with a tutorial. You can find it at .


Posted by digitalbrain 2009-01-20

Beta Version Finished

Now the java shop can be downloaded as a WAR archive. You have only deploy the WAR File into the webapps directory of a servlet engine as apache tomcat. It's a beta version. We estimate to be finished with the development of the first version at february.

Posted by digitalbrain 2009-01-19

Development Phase

Now we are at the development phase. The alpha version of the shop will come at the next months. See at

Posted by digitalbrain 2007-11-12