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Read Me


This utility is a wrapper for the decoder "otrdecode" and offers 
a frontend to easily decode single or multiple files recorded via


The software is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See LICENSE for

This software was written in my freetime, so please don't expect any miracles. If you 
want to provide me with feedback you are welcome to do so. If you want to
donate, fine! In all these cases please refer to the project page at

Other readme sources you find in this distribution
  INSTALL - installation instructions
  LICENSE - license this software is shipped with
  CHANGELOG - History about all changes
  FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  VERSION - contains current version number
Let's have fun !

Oliver Langer

Installation of the Software

Please refer to INSTALL

Compilation of the Software

To compile this software you need the following
* This release was built using XCode 2.4.x
* You need the utility framework Encore which can be downloaded at:
  - Download, compile and install this framework
    Currently you have to update the xcode project setting of Encore in order to 
    cross compile / use universal binaries
  - After this installation correct add Encore.framework to the OTRUtility as follows:
      + Add it to Frameworks/Linked Frameworks/Encore.framework
      + Add it to Targets/OTRUtility/Copy Frameworks
* In XCode choose the desired target and build configuration
* You are now ready to build the software!

Additional notes related to the compilation of the software:

* For testing purposes you may not to always run a "real" decode process. In this case use 
  the build configuration "Debug_faked". It defines
  the following macro:
  defining this macro will use unix command "/bin/sleep 5" as "decoder". This is
  for testing purposes only.

* Please use the target Create DMG with care. Right now i do not know wheter
  it runs correctly on your platform. In case you have any doubts, simply create 
  your dmg file manually by running a normal build and assigning the result and other
  files manually to a dmg image.
* The build target "Create Src Tarball" requires the project to be *exported* so that
  it does not contain any repository information (svn, cvs, ...). Otherwise they will be
  stored in the archive which is more or less ugly -> needs improvement here.
* For latest changes please refer to CHANGELOG.

Known Bugs

* Files which are added via double clicks within the Finder can only be added once. This means
  if you remove a previously added item and try to add it via the double click once again, then 
  nothing happens. Workaround: Add it using another possibility, like e. g. drag'n drop or