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Read Me

This is a Subversion repository; use the 'svnadmin' tool to examine
it.  Do not add, delete, or modify files here unless you know how
to avoid corrupting the repository.

Visit http://subversion.tigris.org/ for more information.


This svn repository of osFinancials contains 3 subprojects,
1. osF_Destop
2. osF_Webtop
3. osf_WinHelp

== osF_Destop ==
osF_Desktop contains the code in Delphi project for the desktop versions of
osFinancials, included the thirt party opensource components osFinancials use. There are also some thirt party commercial components needed to compile the program (have a 30 free trailversion). Please have a look at osFinancials wiki (http://www.osfinancials.org) to read what is needed.
The developers are writing out these commercial components to replace with opensource components.

== osF_Webtop ==
A new project where the osFinancials dataset will be anabled via a webinterface.
This way developers can start developing per functional arrea.
The framework used here is Ruby on Rails (with AptanaIDE)

== osF_WinHelp ==
Here the windows helpfiles for the osF_Destop are maintained. As the help is running always behint the main development, we have seperated this project from the osF_Desktop project.

For details of all project, see the readme file in the project dir.