FrontAccounting (FA) is a professional web-based Accounting system ...

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FrontAccounting (FA) is a professional web-based Accounting system for the entire ERP chain written in PHP, using MySQL. FA is multilingual and multicurrency. For further information and more downloads, visit our website, http://frontaccounting.com.


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I developed the Import Transactions module for this package which allows for the importing of bank statements. I found the functions created by Joe Hunt and the team of opensource developers both easy to use and integrate into my extension/module. I would recommend any programmer with accounting knowledge use this package to develop extensions or modules. I found the opensource team very helpful and cooperative. Thank you to Netbeans, Wamp and of course PHP.

Posted 03/22/2015
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Posted 11/11/2014
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Extremly well designed, excellent performance and nice user interfase. the only issue is documentation, but it has a professional programming practices that make it, easy to understand and adapt. Excellent product !!

Posted 03/14/2014
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FrontAccounting isn’t quite as sexy as some of the commercial cloud accounting systems available, but it is a solid performer with robust double-entry transaction processing and supporting functionality. This includes Sales Order, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Multi-Warehouse stock management, Bill-of-Materials, Assembly, Kitting (a.k.a. ‘Group Product’ in QuickBooks), and flexible tax configuration capabilities. All of this functionality is delivered via clean-coded PHP executing against an underlying mySQL database. This makes it unlikely that you will suffer significant performance degradation due to a high volume of transactions. This is a classic problem of popular commercial systems not supported by a well-indexed relational database. I author the eCommerce integration product CartSpan and have recently extended support for FrontAccounting ERP. CartSpan will import web orders into FrontAccounting as either an Invoice or an Order. In either case, the user has the option to follow the web-order with a payment if the customer has paid by an approved payment method. CartSpan will then update the shopping cart with current inventory and pricing in response to all ‘bricks & mortar’ and/or eCommerce transactions. The ‘kitted’ product functionality (very useful to eTailers) in FrontAccounting is supported by CartSpan. This powerful functionality is essentially identical to the ‘Group Product’ functionality found within QuickBooks. Kitted products allow you to represent multiple ‘child’ items in the cart via a single SKU. CartSpan will then breakout the associated child items during the import and properly allocate any discounted offering price. Don’t forget the integration aspect! Regardless of the web-based accounting system that you choose, you are still likely to be selling on the Web (eventually). And if successful, you will need to get those orders into the accounting system and keep your online stock availability current. CartSpan currently supports over 20+ popular shopping cart platforms, including the ultra-popular Magento and CS-Cart platforms. By choosing FrontAccounting, you position yourself for the greatest number of options to harmonize your business process.

Posted 10/02/2013
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Really great software. I compared FrontAccounting with WebERP. FA lets you attach documents to transaction postings but WebERP does not, FA wins easily. Now in my company we scan and attach documents supporting each transaction posting. It was a delight to our auditors when they did our first audit this year. My only wish at present is to be able to show my company logo on printed reports. I really wonder where FA uses the logo I upload.

Posted 09/13/2013
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