help files

  • eric dexter
    eric dexter

    I would be willing to grab help files and to organise them if there
    was a way to add them under the help menu (to make everything more
    organised). I would also be willing to work on templates. I'm glad
    to see the project is back and I would be glad to help

  • CommonTater

    Hi Eric, good luck finding RTL help files for MinGw or TDM-GCC ... Probably the best option is to use the C and C++ library documentation on MSDN (since it uses msvcrt). But I do agree there is a need for good CHM based helpfiles here. But they don't seem to exist.

    Creating these files is not trivial. It will require parsing and converting hundreds of MAN pages that are distributed with the MinGW sources. I'm willing to chip in a bit, when time permits... but it is a truly daunting task.

    (First time poster, btw)

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  • Extropian314

    The GNU C Library Reference Manual (CHM, HTML) is for the compiler that Dev-C++ uses, GCC.

    There's also the Cpp_manpages (CHM DevPak, CHM source, HTML) which more-generally document the C++ language.