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Read Me

----- General information

The source repository is split in three major parts:
- client: houses all extensions to be used in combination with the central ops_project server
- admin: the administration applications
- server: all server components, including the central server offcourse

Most parts can be checked out individually an worked on. Some parts do however have
a dependency on other components. If this is the case a README is placed in the central
directory for that collection (see for example client/mozilla_extensions)

----- Development notes

* Please don't check in binary files unless it's absolutely unavoidable.
ATM a couple of jars are still in the svn repo because the projects are not yet converted to maven.
This is only until the time is found to fix this, new dependencies have to be specified through a 
dependency system (preferably maven (or ivy)). The jars that are still in the repo are mostly corrupt 
now and the projects don't build anymore because of it.

* Please document the new projects by using README files and updating the wiki found at

* Please adhere to the (unwritten) naming conventions for naming the modules/