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OpenSVM / News: Recent posts

DLL Patch for OpenSVM 1.0.3 Beta

This patch for OpenSVM 1.0.3 Beta,to deal the problem of DLLs.

Download and unzip the to OpenSVM folder which contains opensvm.exe.

Posted by Byron 2009-04-04

OpenSVM-1.0.3-Beta was released

New version based on libsvm-2.85.

Enjoy it!

Posted by Byron 2008-02-18

OpenSVM-1.0.2-Beta was released

The new version takes me long time.

I notice that libsvm 2.85 had been released, It will be in the new version of opensvm.

Enjoy it ~

Posted by Byron 2008-01-26

Update:OpenSVM 1.0.1 beta was released.

Some improvement and changes, enjoy it!

Posted by Byron 2007-10-13

OpenSVM update

I upload installer and source(.zip) again, change some words on the interface.

Posted by Byron 2007-09-29

OpenSVM installer is available

I uploaded a installer for OpenSVM, enjoy it!

Posted by Byron 2007-09-23

OpenSVM 1.0.0 beta was released.

It's ugly, but it need help.

Posted by Byron 2007-09-22

The OpenSVM 1.0.0 Beta will be released in next week

The first beta version of OpenSVM will be released in next week.

The code is ugly but is has some basic features like train and predict as same as libsvm.

Welcome anyone who is interest in it.

Posted by Byron 2007-09-18