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OpenSmtp.Net / News: Recent posts

OpenSmtp.Net project shutting down

I will be going over the latest code and comparing this library with the mail classes in the latest .Net framework.

Most likely this project will be marked "closed" with the source code still available but no bug fixes or enhancements to come.

If you currently use this project or would like it to remain open then please let me know soon. If it's needed I will maintain it, but my current understanding is that the same functionality is now native in the .Net framework.... read more

Posted by Ian Stallings 2008-01-25

Version 01.11.0 released

openSmtp.Net Version 01.11.0 released.

Strictly Bug Fixes:
Fixed MailMessage.CreateList error in email address separation - now uses , instead of ;
Fixed Regex in EmailAddress - now only compiles once (In static constructor)
Fixed QP Encoding in MailEncoder class to address many encoding errors
Fixed MailMessage class - All email address .name fields now enclosed in quotations when sent to SMTP server
Fixed Wrong HELO and EHLO command - now sends correct host name (local host name)
Fixed error when sending \r or \r\n in Subject
Fixed Attachment class - attachment name and file name are now encoded when sending

Posted by Ian Stallings 2005-02-17