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Read Me

openMSX Catapult - the GUI for openMSX

openMSX Catapult is an optional part (a subproject) of openMSX, the MSX
emulator that aims for perfection. With Catapult you can control openMSX via
a graphical user interface. A release of Catapult is compatible with the
current release of openMSX. The project is not being developed anymore, but we
will try to keep it working to make working with openMSX more convenient. We do
have plans to migrate openMSX to a set of libraries that support a native GUI.

Although the program should be self explanatory, we included a set of HTML
manuals, that tell how you can compile the program (if you want or need to)
and how to use Catapult with openMSX. To understand what all options mean
and to get a better feeling of what openMSX is, we also recommend to read the
documentation of openMSX.

You can read what has changed in this and the previous releases in the
release notes. You can find the release notes of this release in the file
'release-notes.txt' in the directory 'doc'. Highlights of previous releases
can be found in 'release-history.txt'.

All source code and other works that are part of, or distributed with
Catapult are copyrighted by their respective authors. The file 'AUTHORS'
contains a list of people who made works for Catapult or contributed works to

Some source files may contain a license notice; all other source files are
licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL), of which you can find a copy in
the file 'GPL'. If you got a binary release of openMSX Catapult and are
interested in the sources, please visit our home page:

Happy MSX-ing!
                        the openMSX developers