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#10 Filter libtool-exported symbols

Richard Rauch

Considerable effort has been made to ensure that only
the documented API symbols are exported from OpenGLEAN.
The way that is used is to mark as {static} every symbol
that cannot be defined entirely within the scope of a
single function. (As the library has some data that
must be shared fairly widely, this has resulted in an
unusual construction.)

However, there is a secondary means which libtool
supports for filtering symbols. While the means is not
guaranteed to work everywhere that libtool exists, it
would not hurt to use that as well. Things may have
been missed when adding {static} keywords, and when
adding new code symbols might not be appropriately
marked {static}. So having a backup measure to help
hide the library non-API symbols would be a Good Thing.

WIN32 DLLs as produced by MSVC seem to only export
function symbols (though I'm not 100% sure of that),
and/or are filtered by the OpenGLEANdll.def file.


  • Richard Rauch
    Richard Rauch

    • summary: Filter exported symbols in libtool. --> Filter libtool-exported symbols