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Tree [r1501] /

File Date Author Commit
OpenIcons 1 day ago lvjtn [r1501] new LE icons + SON 0.5.2
ccpack 2015-04-20 lvjtn [r1462] new sounds + CC67
installer 2012-03-11 tinyrodent [r533]
make 2013-07-18 tinyrodent [r984] updates to make folder
redist 1 day ago lvjtn [r1501] new LE icons + SON 0.5.2
tools 2011-02-26 tinyrodent [r279] Final installer change log for build 279
readme.txt 2010-11-14 tinyrodent [r105] tools folder

Read Me

readme for Open General project
Source located at https://opengeneral.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/opengeneral


	ccpack - files installed by InstallCCPack.msi
	installer - source code to generate msi packages
	redist - files installed by InstallOpenGeneral.msi
	tools - handy stuff for development, not distributed