#95 Obstetrics Form

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In Obstetric practice, Outpatient or inpatient, There are what are considered "Vitals". These Include: Last Menstrual Period (LMP), Gestation By Dates (GBD), Expected Date of Delivery (EDD), Parity (Usually expressed as Para X Plus Y Gravida Z (where X=No. of deliveries, Y = No. of abortions and Z = serial no. of current pregnancy) Others include: Fundal Height (FH), Fetal Heart Rate FHR etc.

I could come up with a LBF for these items but I would like to to take advantage of automation such that when LMP for, example, is entered, the system automatically calculates GBD and EDD.

Other fields could include Gastation by Ultrasuond and automatically generated EDD based on this ultrasound examination (preferably with date of examination given) - In fact, we could have a separate obstetric US form with fields to cover most of the numeric data from such examinations including Umbilical Artery Resistive index (RI), Amniotic fluid Index (AFI), Bio-physical Profile (BPP) e.t.c and a text-area for any other comments. Very useful for obstetric practice.

This could all that is needed for outpatient. The day OEMR goes inpatient, then a host of other items, many covered in already existing contributed form "Obstetrical" will come in.

Thanks. Have added this to feature requests too.