Glen Smith

A Simple CSV Parser for Java under a commercial-friendly Apache 2.0 license

Project Members:

  • Ankit G
    Ankit G

    I have few doubts regarding OpenCSV:

    • Does openCSV read file line-by-line or the whole at once into the memory ?
    • Does OpenCSV provide any in-built formatting validations. If yes, are they customizable ?
    • Is multi-threading in any form supported by OpenCSV ? For my code I'm actually aiming for thread-pooling. Example: Say my CSV consists of 100 records or lines (assuming each record per line). Now I want to create thread T1 and make it read records 1-10, create T2 and make it read records from 11-20, T3 21-30 and so on....
      So, does SuperCSV has in-built support for this ?? or if I have to do it manually, then how ?