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3.4 has been deployed to Nexus


Check out the What New page for details:

Posted by Scott Conway 2015-06-05

3.2 has been released to maven central


Check out the wiki for the release notes.

I would have held on to this longer as I have been working on some performance test so I could get a good baseline and find where the bottle necks are for different scenarios but bug 106 came in last week that I decided needed to go in the next release (3.3) and so I pushed out what I had and done a simple baseline to make sure the fix for #106 does not introduce significant performance issues.

Posted by Scott Conway 2015-01-31

OpenCSV 3.1 is out in maven central!

I still have not figured out how to get it to work from the mvn deploy but I figured out what I was doing wrong when uploading directly. So now 3.1 will be here on sourceforge and Nexus!


I changed the groupId to com.opencsv as a simplification. So you will have to change your imports (last time I hope) with this upgrade. ... read more

Posted by Scott Conway 2014-11-08

OpenCSV 1.7 stomps out more bugs

opencsv 1.7 is a bugfix release restoring JDK 1.4 compatibility, which also add some nice tidyup features to the JDBC exporter (nice time/date formatting, and a fix for a few NPE people were experiencing).

Huge thanks to Sean Sullivan who has done *all* the work preparing this release.

And thanks to our loyal community for their patches. This one includes work by Brigham Stevens, and we've got a stack of cool user-submitted improvements coming in 2.0 which will make the opencsv interface simpler and more powerful. ... read more

Posted by Glen Smith 2006-11-09

OpenCSV 1.6 it out with Custom Line Terminators

This release allows CSVWriter to use a custom line-terminator (useful when exporting a CSV file for use on a different platform). Thanks to Klaus Stafto and Jerry Vos for good work here.

This release also fixes an unusual edge case where quote characters are used in an element, but not in the first position.

Someone send me a patch for this second issue, which I've integrated, but have since lost the original email. Let me know who you are, and I'll add you to the credits.

Posted by Glen Smith 2006-08-22

OpenCSV 1.5 makes SQL to CSV a snap

OpenCSV 1.5 includes changes to CSVWriter to allow for easily exporting a SQL table or query to a CVS file. The new method writeAll(ResultSet rs) makes exporting SQL to CSV a snap!

Thanks to Sean Sullivan for implementing the mods.

Posted by Glen Smith 2006-06-30