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src-core 2015-03-06 Eduardo Argal Guibert Eduardo Argal Guibert [95f9c5] Fixes issue 29168
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Read Me

 This is the development trunk of Openbravo ERP.

* Installation

First, configure Openbravo properties run:

  ant setup

Then, to install it run:

  ant install.source

It creates the database structure, builds the core, compiles
Openbravo and generates a war file.

Deploy this war file into the tomcat/webapps directory.

* Documentation

See http://wiki.openbravo.com for more documentation.

* Helping out

If you'd like to help out, great!

Have a look to our Contributor's Guide:

There is also a list of on-going community projects:

Please share your changes so others can benefit.

Please use svn diff to prepare patches.

* Contact

IRC: #openbravo in freenode