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Read Me


OCamlTeX is a fully-featured LaTeX editor. It is written in Objective Caml 
(OCaml) using the GTK+ toolkit and is therefore available on many platforms. It 
is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. Its 
main features are :

  - Fast and stable GNOME application.
  - Fully customizable GUI (bars, menus and accelerators).
  - LaTeX syntax highlighting using various style schemes.
  - Full UTF-8 support.
  - LaTeX-oriented editing features.
  - PCRE-based find and replace engine.
  - Customizable LaTeX database.
  - Constraint-based analysis of LaTeX source code.


  README                    This file.
  INSTALL                   Installation instructions.
  LICENSE                   GNU General Public License version 3.
  CODE_STRUCT               OCamlTeX source code structure for plugin writers.
  bin/                      OCamlTeX executable (i386, GNU/Linux).
  screenshots/              OCamlTeX in action.
  src/                      The source code.


OCamlTeX is still in development (beta) and maybe not completely reliable. If 
you find something which is likely to be a bug, please let me know by opening a 
bug report in OCamlTeX bug tracker. 

You can also email me at cacophrene AT gmail DOT com.