Request for change

  • Joro

    Hi, I have several suggestions to improve N++ :

    1. Make the status bar sections for charset and EOL clickable with popup menus for quick select/change those file properties.

    2. Add “Language” to the status bar and make it clickable menu, like those suggested in p.1

    3. Change the overall L&F. N++ looks outdated – the toolbar icons menu are more or less acceptable, but the tabs look so Win2000. VS2013 L&F is a good starting point to modernize it.

    4. Same goes for the icon.

    5. Change the help menu item from “?” to “Help”.

    As you see – these are not functional, but more cosmetics, but I think it would make N++ user experience much more enjoyable. Hope you’ll take them in consideration. Greetings and keep up the good work.

  • dail8859

    My two cents:

    1. Wouldn't mind seeing that myself. Would be quicker than going through the couple of menus.
    2. I don't think its that big of a difference to just click the "Language" at the top. Still not a horrible idea though.
    3. I'll agree it does look a bit "outdated", and if it wasn't too hard to upgrade the visual aspect of the program, I wouldn't complain at all ;) I'm sure it would be much more attractive to new users also. Personally, I'd prefer a useful and stable editor over a pretty one.
  • David Bailey
    David Bailey

    I don't use Visual Studio, but if its interface resembles MS Word, it is far too cluttered and obscure to use! I like the interface very much as it is, though I would agree with point (5) - replace the question mark by the word "Help".


  • Al Le
    Al Le

    While I think your suggestions make sense, there are more important (functional) things to improve. IMO it would be better if Don spent his valuable time on them instead of improving cosmetics.

  • bege

    No 1. is not cosmetics in my opinion but definitely a big improvement in usability.