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NoOra applies a pattern to develop and install Oracle database projects, to promote portability and productivity.

The concept is simple. A fixed folder structure is used on your file system. Put your sql scripts in the corresponding object folder and NoOra knows how to install them. No operation system specific scripting, like shell or batch scripts, is required.

You can install Packages,Tables,.. and data. An installation can be made environment specific, if you have more then one database. Multiple schema's are also supported.

NoOra is written in Python and can be used on multiple operating systems like Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows.

NoOra is a plugin based system. For example plugins for dropping, recreation and executing unit tests are available.

The configuration of your database project is fixed in one configuration file, called project.conf. This file can be found in the root folder of your database project.


Please help us with the development of the NoOra database script installer.

You can help us by earning free bitcoins for yourself and use NoOra as the referral. In this way you will earn bitcoins and NoOra will be funded. No strings attached.


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