WD177? device driver

  • My name is Andrew M. 'Leny' Lindley.  Decades ago I released the source to a device driver for the Coco 2 floppy cart to one of the OS-9 user groups in the UK.  If anyone still has copy I hereby place it under the Gnu General Public License or at your option any later version.

    IIRC it was better commented than the one currently in the Nitros9 source, so a copy might still be useful. 

    As an aside. If anyone knows of a free as in freedom Coco 2/3 emulator then I might start 'playing' with Nitros9. Sadly MESS et al are merely free as in beer, and I don't go there.

  • Robert Gault
    Robert Gault

    I haven't a clue to what you mean about MESS. It may well be the best Coco emulator available and is completely free. All you need are the ROM images which are readily available. Another good emulator is VCC but it emulates a Coco3.

  • tim lindner
    tim lindner


    Hopefully your device driver will show up one day. I'd love to see it.
    I know of no GPL emulator of the CoCo.


    MESS and MAME's license has a "no comercial use" clause that offends some of the people who follow the GNU life style.